The Hieronymus Bosch of Wines. Centuries Ahead of their Time. A PhD Class in Wine Geekdom – from the Genius That Is Ziereisen

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Salvador Dali 5 Centuries Before His Time

2016 Ziereisen Jaspis Gutedel 10-4 Alte Reben
 – An Emotionally Moving Experience
 – The Most Densely Mineral Wine I’ve Ever Had
 – Complex and Delicious with No Fruit (Not a Typo)
 – Insanely Complex Nose
 – On a Level with Thousand Dollar Prestige Burgundy
 – A Wine You Have to Experience if You Drink the World’s Great Wines

2016 Ziereisen Gutedel Steingruble
 – The 2013 Was on Wine Advocate’s 20 Outstanding White and Rose Values
 – So Intense It’s Almost Too Much
 – Like 1er Cru White Burg from a Top Producer for $25
 – Special Case Pricing 
On Hieronymus Bosch, Time Travel and Wine
This is easily the most preposterous ahead of its time wine offer that I do every year. I’ve decided to

call it the Hieronymus Bosch offer.  For those of you (likely almost everyone) who are not connoisseurs of Hieronymus Bosch, …

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