2020 Sonoma Garagiste Festival: February 15, Sonoma

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One of my favorite pastimes involves tasting wines made by small winemakers who either are just beginning their journeys to becoming more established, or those who are deliberately small and will always remain that way. And by deliberately small, I mean they make a couple of hundred cases of wine, and generally have no tasting room and no vineyards to their name. California is full of these sorts of wineries, and while not all of them are great, these small, estate-less wine brands can make some truly excellent wines.

Every region of the state plays host to some of these wine labels, and keen attendees of wine tasting events will find them tucked in between the bigger more established players. But for anyone seeking exposure to many such producers, there aren’t a lot of options. Enter the Garagiste Wine Festival, originally started in Paso Robles, but now popping up …

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