White Wine of the Year: Village Meursault, 2017, Fantastic Young Grower, There Was No Other Choice This Year

The Only Thing More Common on the Internet Than Complaints about Politics Is the Price of Burgundy
 - Burgundy Is NOT Crazy Expensive
 - It's Just Our Ridiculous Distribution System
 - But the $55-$85 Going Rate for for Stunningly Mediocre Negociant Meursault Is a Crime Against Nature

Today, A Gift from the Wine Gods
 - $37.99 for Outstanding, Small Production Vieilles Vignes Meursault - Direct from the Estate

2017 Laurent Boussey Meursault Vieilles Vignes
 - Nose: Super Mineral, Super Expressive, So Nutty, Appealingly Salty
 - Palate: Enormous Power and Concentration
 - Big, Rich, Buttery Apple and Pear Fruit
 - Finish: An Ocean of Rich, Salty, Juicy Sap for Days;  like a Squeegee

It is that time of year now of eggnog, turkey, Charlie Brown's Xmas, bitter cold weather, leaves
changing colors and of course the rollout of Fass Selections wines of the year. As always there is an interesting ...