Business or Pleasure: Spotting Escorts or Real Ladies

“Find the real ladies in the midst of escorts”

We understand that sometimes it’s a little difficult to figure out which ladies on online hookup sites are actually escorts, and which ones are actually real. Even if you’re using the best sites to get laid, there’s still a chance that you might run into an escort or three, and that means that you’re just always going to have to be careful about who you talk to. Fortunately, we’ve been around the block, and we really know how to tell an escort apart from someone that’s actually real. Sites like might be amazingly clean when it comes to a lack of escort scams, but there are a lot of others out there that aren’t as great, and that means that you’re just going to have to be careful.

Check Out Her Pictures

“You can tell a lot from her profile pictures”

As far as we’ve ever seen, escorts are the ones with professional, tailored pictures that really are quite sexual. They’re posting up these kinds of pictures to really drag men into their profiles and usually, link them to their own personal websites with more information about them. While this isn’t always the case, we usually find ourselves dealing with more escorts with these professional pictures than not…and that means that you’re going to have to be careful whenever you see a picture like this. Escorts also usually have pictures that are watermarked, and they might seem somewhat photo-shopped. This means that there are a lot of edits, and that the watermark is from the company that they work for, or from the photographer that took the picture. These are some of the biggest warning sites of all, because in general, real, dateable women on these websites aren’t going to have anything close to these kinds of pictures. You’ve been around enough by now that you know what a real woman’s picture looks like. They’re usually selfies, pictures taken with friends, or pictures on vacation. We can’t say that they’re never going to have a professional picture up on their profile, but if they do, we doubt they’re going to be in scantily clad lingerie. This is why we usually just start with the profile picture on the best sites to get laid, and go from there when it comes to figuring out whether or not a woman is real or not. It’s a great first indicator, and it tells us a lot about the woman we’re trying to get with.

Profile Content

“Read her profile thoroughly”

In general, escorts aren’t really going to go into their interests or hobbies. They aren’t going to sit around and try to talk about what they’re really into, because they know that men aren’t going to contact them for that sort of thing. They might just use their profiles to list one link that points to their own personal website, actually, and that means that you’re going to have to click that to find anything about them…which, honestly, is usually just more about the kinds of sex that they’re into. This isn’t always the case, but in general, we’ve found that escorts put very little work into their profiles. They might post their physical statistics, and maybe a few flippant little hobbies to try and throw you off, but that’s about it. They aren’t interested in that, and they don’t see any reason to chat about that sort of thing, especially if they’re trying to get in at the door at Yes, even the best sites to get laid have to deal with this! Real women, on the other hand, usually put a lot of work into their profiles. They take the time to talk about what they’re into, what they do for a living, and again, that’s something that escorts aren’t going to talk about. What they do for a living is sleep with guys, and obviously, a real woman isn’t going to put that on her profile. She’s going to actually address her job, or maybe even the fact that she’s going to school as opposed to leaving her employment and schooling mysteriously blank like a lot of escorts would. This is a common thing we see, so keep an eye out for that sort of thing when you’re browsing. You really want to see a profile that’s full to bursting with all kinds of information. While that might not always be the case, most people that are serious about actually hooking up online will try to tell a good deal about themselves, and that means that for the most part, your real online hookup will chat a good deal about the kinds of things she enjoys in hopes of finding a man that also can enjoy those sorts of things with her.

Links, Any Links

“Don’t click on any link”

The profile of an escort is going to have links. It’s not going to be covered in them, but it’s going to have links all the same. These usually will go to her personal website where she has contact services that will help you ‘meet up’ with her, and almost always, these will include prices that you will need to pay her. When it comes to hooking up, this is obviously not what you want to deal with. You don’t want to pay a woman to have sex with you; you want to have sex with someone that’s really into it, and really into you as well. Real women aren’t going to have this sort of thing. At most, they will have a link to their Twitter or Facebook or something similar. This is the kind of thing that you need to keep an eye out for. The more ‘normal’ these women seem to be, the better. In general, you aren’t going to find a woman that’s 100% the girl next door type on these sites, and that’s obviously not what you’re looking for all the time. We’re just saying that you don’t want someone that’s oversexed, linking to pornography, or linking to a site where you can pay them for ‘favors.’ No real woman on any hookup site is going to have things like that going on with their profile. It goes without saying, but you should never, ever click these kinds of links. That’s not going to help you out when it comes to getting laid, and there’s a good chance that it’s going to give you a virus or at the very least, a ton of spam mail. Never try to contact an escort, because it’s just not going to do anything for you…and remember, escorts are actually illegal. You don’t want to end up getting arrested just because you want sex. You need to visit a legit site to get laid. Visit and read review to make your final decision In general, dealing with escorts is pesky, but not the end of the world. It’s all a matter of knowing what to look for when it comes to avoiding them online, and that’s something that you’ll definitely end up getting used to as time goes on. We’ve been around the block with online dating sites, so we can spot an escort from a mile away. With that in mind, just try to keep your eyes peeled, and you’ll be that much better off when it comes to using dating sites. No matter what, be careful, and good luck.

5 Signs to Tell You’re Ready for a Serious Relationship

You’re dating and you’re having the best time of your life. A surprise visit, a fancy night at a restaurant, or a talk over wine and candles – they all seem sweet, but what will you be ready when he’s ready to go serious with you?

Most people who are recovering from a relationship will probably have a hard time committing again. Don’t worry; we’ve arranged 5 signs that will tell you if you’re ready for a serious relationship.

  1. You’re confident and happy being alone

Learning to be happy alone, free from insecurities, means being comfortable in your own skin. When you’re single, you’re giving yourself all the time you need, and that’s good. It gives you time to discover things about yourself you didn’t know and to appreciate yourself without having someone else to please. You love yourself – and you should. Always love yourself before loving others.

  1. You’re selfless and not prideful

Never be selfish, because if you are – relationships just don’t work for you. Selfish people engage in relationships because they’re after their own happiness and sadly with time, it fades. When things don’t go very well, selfish people just disappear. Also, never be prideful – we bring others down if we are. Strip yourself of these bad traits before entering a relationship.

5 Signs You're Ready To Propose

5 Signs You’re Ready To Propose

  1. You’re done searching for it

It’s true when they say the person who’s most ready to love is someone who’s done pursuing relationships. People in constant pursuit of relationships usually set standards and can’t seem to find their match – this is a very bad practice. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean needing someone, it’s being with someone you unconditionally love and enjoy spending your time with.

  1. You’ve recovered from a past relationship

No other sign gives more sense than having recovered from a past flame. Whether it was a bad relationship, or an okay one – you always have to give yourself time to heal. Never rush into a relationship if you haven’t moved on and this doesn’t need an explaining. Rebound relationships may stop the pain, but will only make the healing go at a slower pace. Give healing a time, because it is very rewarding once you’ve moved on and you’re not afraid anymore.

13 signs you’re ready to move in together

13 signs you’re ready to move in together

  1. You’re smiling more now

You don’t let the bad and the good things of life bring you overboard. Having a stable mood is very crucial when entering relationships. If you’re smiling more than judging yourself – you know you’ve accepted yourself unconditionally. That in turn says you’re ready to accept and love someone unconditionally.

So have you noticed these signs yet? Yes? Then you’re ready! Oh, and one more thing – find what makes you happy and share it with him. Take responsibility for the decisions you make. In turn, this will help your relationship grow. Good luck!

What to Do When Your Phone Gets Stolen

Wireless devices, specifically smartphones, have become primary targets of robbers. Smartphones are pretty expensive and they may also contain personal information that robbers can use to their advantage. Losing your phone can be very devastating especially that most of your life depends on it. Then again, you can’t dwell on what’s already happened. You should instead focus on the consequences of losing your phone. More importantly, you have to protect yourself as well as your personal information found in your mobile device.

How to stay away from theft

You have to check your surroundings before taking out your phone. If you feel that it’s an unsafe location, keep your phone or use it discreetly. If you’re in a public place, don’t leave your device anywhere. If you leave it inside the car, make sure it’s hidden.

It is also important for you to know the make and model of your device as well as its serial number and unique ID number. You may have to give this to the police in case you lose your phone. Finally, know what you can do if your mobile device is stolen. Will you get a replacement? If you don’t think the policy is good enough, you may get device insurance.

What to do when your cell phone or tablet is missing?

What to do when your cell phone or tablet is missing?

How to protect data that is on your phone

It is best to establish a password so that thieves can’t access it. It’s very important to restrict access so your personal info will not be stolen and you won’t have unwanted charges that will balloon your bill.

You can also put your alternative phone number or email address on the display in case someone can find your device and would want to return it to you. Just make sure that sensitive info is not found on the display.

What Happens When Your Phone Is Lost Or Stolen

What Happens When Your Phone Is Lost Or Stolen

Always be careful with the info you store in your phone. There are apps that may permit access to robbers, leading to identity theft. Also, make use of anti-theft software.

What to do if your phone gets stolen

Try to locate your phone with the use of a GPS locator that’s on your anti-theft software. Lock your device remotely just to be safe. Your anti-theft software also allows you to get rid of sensitive info so make sure to take advantage of it. You can even activate the alarm by using the software.

Don’t hang around. Call your carrier right away and tell them about the loss. You don’t want to incur huge charges because the thief is using your phone. Your carrier may also disable your phone and even block access to your phone if you can provide them with the serial number.

Never forget to head to the police. Provide information on what happened. You may also need to present a police report to your carrier for proper documentation. If it’s not possible to lock your device, change all passwords right away. This goes for your email, social networking accounts, and banking accounts.

A stolen phone can be a big headache, but a stolen identity is definitely worse. So be careful when using your mobile phone and always take the necessary steps so that you’re far from the prying eyes of robbers.

High Impact VS Low Impact Exercises: Which Is Right for You?

All of us want to have healthy and fit bodies. As much as we’d like to achieve our goals the next day, we still have to work hard for it. What if you don’t have too much time to spare? If time is limited, then you have to pick a routine that works for you. You should be able to get the most out of it without wasting your time. One thing you need to consider is whether you should go with low impact or high impact workouts. Which is best for you?

What’s the difference between the two?

Low impact workouts refer to movements where a foot stays on the ground all the time and only one leaves the ground at a certain time. Examples are walking and aerobics that don’t include jumping. High impact workouts, on the other hand, require both feet to leave the ground simultaneously. Examples are jumping jacks, jumping rope, and running.

What are the advantages of low impact workouts?

Low impact workouts won’t tire your muscles and joints too much. This means that there’s a lesser chance that you’re going to strain your muscles or injure your joints. However, when it comes to building your bone mass, low impact workouts are not as effective as high impact workouts.

Low Impact vs. High Impact Exercises: Which is Right for You?

Low Impact vs. High Impact Exercises: Which is Right for You?

High impact workouts can make you burn a lot of calories in no time. You’ll be sweating really quickly. Since your heart is going to pump faster, you won’t be spending so much time doing the exercises just to enjoy its benefits.

Which one is best for you?

Beginners go best with low impact workouts. If your muscles have already adjusted, you may opt for high impact workouts. People with arthritis and other joint problems are also advised to do low impact exercises. If you’re overweight, it’s best to go with low impact workouts too. The best time to start doing high impact exercises is when your body is prepared for it. If low impact routines become so easy to do, it’s time to move up. You have to increase your intensity in order to gain more from your workout. There’s no better way to do that than to head to high impact routines.

5 Low-Impact Exercises that Blast Calories

5 Low-Impact Exercises that Blast Calories

Although these two workouts are different, they are still beneficial to your body. It all comes down to how well you perform the routines and how much you effort you put in. Before you start to exercise, make sure to talk with your doctor first. It’s important that your body is indeed ready for low impact workouts and most especially for high impact routines. When your body is already conditioned, you can always mix the two routines and enjoy more variety. With hard work and determination, any of the two will surely give good results.

Know How To Cut Down Car Insurance Bills In 5 Ways

Car insurance helps a lot of vehicle owners especially at times of mishaps. It saves you the big amount you have to spend on damages and repairs. But don’t you know that car insurance rates are based on the average insurance claims each type of car and model has? If you’re driving that has a higher car stolen rate, typically you would also pay a higher amount for car insurance. So if you want to keep your car insurance low, check these out.

1. Shop around for cars with low insurance rate. Since how much you pay for an insurance depends on what car you drive, it is better to buy a car that is not costly on maintenance and of course on insurance. Cars like convertibles attract higher insurance cost because they are easy to be stolen, have a higher performance and of course much more expensive than the other cars. Convertibles are also accident-prone among teenagers so better stay away with these kinds of wheels.
5 Ways To Reduce Your Car Insurance Premium

5 Ways To Reduce Your Car Insurance Premium

  1. Insure multiple cars and drivers. Most insurance companies offer discounts in bulk. So it is ideal that you insure cars in your household and the drivers that are using it at the same time. Ask your insurance agent for a quote on the discount they have on multiple cars and drivers. Make sure you qualify to them. Some other companies also give discounts to insurance holders if you maintain good relationship with them and follow their policies obediently.

  2. Look for the lowest quotes in your area. There are enough insurance firms nowadays to choose from. All you have to do is a little research on what company provides the lowest possible rates on the kind of car you have. And basically, it is very much of a hassle to switch insurance company so all you have to do is bargain with your current insurer if they can beat that price.

Five ways to lower the cost of car ownership!

Five ways to lower the cost of car ownership!

  1. Mileage. The logic is plain simple. Drive less to pay less. One of the basis of the rates for your car insurance is how many miles do you drive each day with your car. Most companies would give 50% discount for those who drive fewer miles but the deal is they would put a monitor that tracks the miles that you drive, how fast and whether it is often day or night.

  2. Know the policy. Take time to read before signing. Study the policies and learn exactly what you’re paying for. If hesitant over one thing, ask. You are also paying for customer service so make the most of it. It is better to know everything that your money goes into so that you can assess on how to lower the cost.

Lowering on how much you pay on car insurance is a big payoff to your savings. You must only learn to pay attention in everything that is plain laid in front of you. The benefits are all on you since there are plenty of insurance firms that are competing against each other. Use that it at your advantage.

Possible Reasons Your Ad Campaigns are Ineffective on Google AdWords

Internet has provided one of the best platforms for various people and business units to promote and market their goods and services to reach their potential clients. The main objective in online marketing is for these people and organizations to eventually sell their products and services, just like it is in any other type of trade. Investing in Google AdWords program on the internet offers one of the best options for marketing your enterprise online. It can immensely help your business grow faster.

However, using Google AdWords can only be viable when correctly executed. You can be surprised that you have really devoted your time and resources to advertise on this program but your Ad campaigns still fail to get the desired traffic. Here are some of the reasons your Ad campaigns could be failing to work on Google AdWords.

You are using unrelated keywords

Using keywords that do not typify your business is definite way of ensuring that your Ad campaigns do not work on Google AdWords. This basically implies that your Ads will not attract a huge number of searches since the keywords do not match the business. This reduces the traffic that views your Ad campaign making it unable to work.

Your Google AdWords is handled by the wrong source

You could be the one handling your Google AdWords management or you have hired someone to do it for you. It does not matter if the handler is not conversant enough in terms of getting the rankings and click through rates that you desire your Ad campaign to have. This aspect makes your Ad campaign to fail desolately and will not work on the Google AdWords until you find or become a professional in this field.

Persisting on using non- converting Ads

This is when you realize that you have several discrete Ad campaigns yet only a few or none of them are making the definite conversion but still continue using them. This only consumes your energy and resources because the signs are clear that they cannot work therefore, the best approach in this case is to concentrate on molding the few that make the conversion and eliminate those that are not performing.

Online Marketing: The Modern Day Advertising

Online Marketing: The Modern Day Advertising

Failure to do a research Ad

Google AdWords is a program that needs thorough research on what is going to thrive well online and what is going to fail. If your Ad campaign is not effective on Google AdWords, chances are that you gambled with the Ads without clearly assessing and ensuring that they are highly optimized, attracts immense attention and backed by real tested results.

The Ad content is of low quality

When the contents in your Ad campaign do not communicate effectively to the potential buyers, it will not work on the Google AdWords program. This is because it tends to piss off the readers due to varied reasons such as misinformation, grammatical and spelling errors or maybe the information is stale.

Winning Results with Google Ad Words

Winning Results with Google Ad Words

I believe this has given you an idea of the reasons your Ad campaigns are not working on Google AdWords program and it will help you rectify the problem.