Martin Muellen – 2 Spatlese (Dry and Sweet) Both Under $28 and 93 Points from the 2 Best (and Stingiest) German Reviewers – Insane Value Offer of Top Mosel Wines

Two of the Last 2015's I'll Offer
Trarbacher Huhnerberg Spatlese Trocken
 - His Best Terroir
 - An Aromatic Rockstar
 - Remarkably Elegant with Classic Mosel Profile
Krover Paradies Spatlese ** "Deare"
 - One of the Mosel's Great Spatlesen
 - Amazing Fruit with Balanced Sweetness - Amazingly Mineral and Complex

My Rant
I'm going to start off with a little rant. It's been a while that I've ranted in an email. So it's been four
years and one thing I always say is that prices will be going up. There are so many reasons why prices go up but usually you can't stop it. The dollars crashes, the winery gets more famous and they can charge more are just two of many reason. Look at Chavy Chouet, Jerome Galeyrand, Herve Murat and Domaine Duroche. They have all skyrocketed since I started at Fass Selections. Now to dip outside Fass Selections for ...

Sebastien Dampt Takes a Big Step Forward in 2016 – Our most Popular Chablis – His 1er Cru Cote de Lechet – Under $26

This Is Our Sixth Vintage of Dampt Cote de Lechet 
 - It's Our Most Popular Chablis for a Reason - Everybody Loves It
You All Must Think Sebastien is 40-50 Years Old - But He's Still a Kid and Getting Better
 - And 2016 Was a Big Jump Year - Longer Ageing Made This A Much Better Wine
 - He's Graduating from Really, Really Good to Closing in on the Elites

 - a "Whoa" Wine

I knew from the first sip years ago that I loved Sebastien Dampt's wines.  They have always been terroir specific and perfectly made but also so drinkable and delicious. And everyone who' has had them agrees with me. But as I arrived at Dampt this year, things seemed different. Superficially, we had a lovely tasting in his brand new, gorgeous tasting room that has a 360 degree view of all ...

Two Small Production Gems from Barbaresco and Barbera – Textbook, Stunning Wines at Incredible Prices

These Wines are Made with the Same Love and Attention As Our Small Producers in Burgundy 
 - (e.g. Ledy, Cruchandeau, Girard, Bouley)
Small, Family Run Winery - Only 3,300 Cases Made
The Wines Are Truly Wonderful, Elegant and Distinctive
A New Fass Selections Core Producer

Barbaresco and Barbera Were Spared Hail in 2014 (Unlike Parts of Barolo) and Made Some Great Wines See The Sidebar

"It (2014) is a vintage that will especially appeal to classically leaning palates." Antonio Galloni

The wines I am offering today are so fantastically exactly what they should be it's not even funny. So
terroir-driven, vivid, expressive and unique,  I am so incredibly excited to offer them you can't imagine.  These are going to be another one of those Fass Selections discoveries that comes out of nowhere and everyone absolutely loves.

So I had a feeling that these wines were going to be great ...

The Greatest Price/Value Inefficiency in Red Burgundy: The Geek’s Dream, 91/92 Burghound Wines for Under $30

I'm an unabashed wine geek. I wear it proudly on my sleeve. And as a geek I love geeky things. For the circumstances that pertain to this email, and for the sake of brevity, I will explain why Pernand is geeky and not all wine, or in this case Burgundy is geeky. Pernand is a village in the Cote de Beaune and most importantly it has village wines, a ton of 1er Cru wines and Grand Cru wines. But the geeky part is mostly that Pernand is slightly off the beaten path in the Cote de Beaune. There is Pommard, Volnay and even the Beaune wines are better known than Pernand. Pernand is slept on and as a result it is a terrific value and because it is a great value and you have to know to know, it's a geek wine. While everyone is oohing and aahing over Volnay/Pommard ...

One of the Rarest and Geekiest Wines Out There Wildly Distinctive and Unique If You Are a Pinot Noir Geek… You Need to Own This Crazy Value Compared to Normal Red Still Champagne ($75+) Picture Delicious Ebullient Pinot Noir Fruit with the Intense, Gorgeous Minerality of Great Champagne

When you look at the great expressions of Pinot Noir, Burgundy, of course tops the list.  As loyal
Fassists, know, Germany is a close second.  There are also some interesting Pinots in California and the Loire.  But perhaps the most interesting Pinot Noir region that most Pinot lovers have not yet tried is in a region that is famous for Pinot, but only in sparkling form.  And that region, of course, is Champagne.

Most of us have not tried still Pinot from Champagne for 2 reasons:

1) It is frightfully expensive because great Pinot fruit is generally made into sparkling Blanc de Noirs and sold for a fortune.
2) Champagne is very far north and darned cold so only in warm years can you really have the ripeness that make still Pinot Noir approachable.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, today is your day to try one of the great Pinot Noir ...