Planting the Garden

Vegetable GardenAnd here it is, our new vegetable garden!  We decided to take the time to do it right this year and we built a 4′ x 8′ raised-bed box for the garden.  It’s lined with landscape paper to keep down weeds and chicken wire to prevent moles and voles from coming up into the garden for a snack.  And, finally, it’s fenced to prevent other critters from getting in.  The fence is not perfect, but should at least provide some basic protection.  I had to move a lot of dirt to fill this thing and, of course, it was a nice, hot day, so I’m thrilled to have it complete.

Jared and the GardenIn the vegetable garden we planted tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, peas, nesturtium, cucumber and a few beneficials to attract the right kind of bugs.  We also planted some herbs near the deck in a small herb garden including basil and cilantro along with the perennial chives and thyme.  Then I set up the sprinklers and drip hoses so everything will be treated to a drink while we’re away for the next two weeks.

Now on to the vineyard irrigation!