Kicking it in NY

IMG_0020 Here I am, still alive, and back from a long blog hiatus. If you’ve been here a long time, you know I started Wannabe Wino roughly 12 years ago. I’ve ebbed and flowed on posting since then, but recently have felt like I lost my blog mojo. With 2 small kids, I don’t taste as much wine as a I used to and my spare time is much more restricted than it once was (I’m certain you’re shocked!).  But, I’m not hanging up my blogging hat yet. Today I’m back with a really interesting sparkler (some things never change, bubbles still call my name!) from Lenz Winery on the North Fork of Long Island. I’m tasting the 2012 Lenz Cuvee, a sparkler done in the tradition method.  It sports a traditional Champagne closure, retails for around $40, and rings in at 12% alcohol by volume. It’s ...

Speed Tasting #3 M*T Troon 2015

CO ferment of over 50% Tannat with the rest mostly Malbec. Natural ferment, no new oak, foot crushed. Moving to all natural wine and biodynamic Minty, dark, extremely dark fruit with lovely acidity.
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Speed Tasting #4 2015 Antica Block A26

Owned by the Antiori Family from Tuscany. 26th generation of the family business. First year managed by females! 10th oldest family business in the world. Sell 90% of fruit to other Napa wineries. Only produce 10,000 cases. Atlas Peak Chardonnay. Vanilla bean, fresh basked bread.
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