The Riddle of Ziobaffa – Wine, Surfing and Filmmaking

Ziobaffa wines

Ziobaffa wines

Ziobaffa Riddle:
  • What do  you have when you combine surfing with wine? An organic wine.
  • What do you get when you add Uncle to Baffa? Uncle Baffa
  • What do you have when you add together an Italian winemaker, a surfer and a filmmaker? Ziobaffa wine.
Ziobaffa (Uncle Baffa)  is leading the life that many people can only  pursue in their wildest dreams. Zio Baffa is a surfer and filmmaker. He travels around the surfing world with a surfboard and film camera. He seems to have two passions, surfing and wine. Three of his short film clips can be viewed on the website Ziobaffa. The clips include: Bella Vita Trailer, Making a Wine and Ziobaffa. Currently Ziobaffa is responsible for two Filmaker’s organic wines: Toscana Red and Pinot Grigio. Also very involved with the wine is Chris Del Moro a surfer-artist-environmentalist. Filmmaker Jason Baffa was fortunate enough to ...

Planning Ahead for Mother’s Day

Celebrate Mother's Day in a special way!

Celebrate Mother’s Day in a special way!

If you are planning to cook or bake to celebrate Mother’s Day, start by browsing the recipes below. These recipes have wine as one of the ingredients. I like to suggest serving any wine left after the recipe is completed with the meal. Many moms will appreciate a homemade meal whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s one of the ways to make your mother feel special on Mother’s Day. Below are some ideas to add to your menu for your special mom. All of the recipes plus many more are on the Wine Trail Traveler website recipe section. Are you planning a special Mother’s Day breakfast? Why not add Eggs Florentine to your menu? A special breakfast beverage? Peach Mimosa For lunch, perhaps your mother would like one of the following salads.
  • Fruited Chicken Salad
  • Jazzed-up Salad
  • Fruit Salad in Strawberry Wine Syrup
Dinner ...

Mother’s Day is Coming Soon! Sunday, May 10

Celebrate Mother's Day with wine and flowers!

Celebrate Mother’s Day with wine and flowers!

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching! Sunday May 10 Have you decided how to celebrate Mother’s Day? Take time now to decide how to make Mother’s Day special. (If you have unfortunately lost your mother, why not honor her with a bouquet of flowers to remind you of her love.) If you are fortunate to still have your mother in your life, I’ve selected a few ideas that just might please your mom this Mother’s Day! If nothing else plan to spend time with your mom.
Après Vin varietal grape seed oils

Après Vin varietal grape seed oils

Mother’s Day Wine-related Ideas/Gifts
  1. Spend time with your mom while sharing a bottle of wine and appetizers
  2. Share a visit to a winery tasting room with your mom
  3. Aprés Vin specially made varietal grape seed oils are wonderful for cooking
  4. Aprés Vin also makes special soaps made with grape seeds
  5. Consider a ...

1840s Champagne from Veuve Clicquot Analyzed

Caves at Veuve Clicquot champagne house

Caves at Veuve Clicquot champagne house

A few years ago there was a report of the remarkable find of bottles of champagne found in a shipwreck at the mouth of the Baltic Sea. At the time it was thought the champagnes were produced during the first half of the 1800s. The champagne bottles recovered from the shipwreck were from  Juglar (now Jacquesson), Veuve Clicquot and Heidsieck & Co. According to the Aland website, the Veuve Clicquot bottles had dates of 1841-1850. A recent article on BBC, “Champagne from 1840s Shipwreck Analysed” by Jonathan Webb was about the Veuve Clicquot wine tested in a lab. The discovered wine was compared with todays champagnes from the same winery. The study was led by Professor Philippe Jeandet at the University of Reims. By using scientific methods the researchers found that the wine was somewhat similar to the wines produced by Veuve Clicquot today. ...
Old riddling rack at Veuve Clicquot

SOMM, the Documentary Film



The documentary movie SOMM by Jason Wise provides an inside look at what candidates for the Court of Master Sommeliers Diploma go through before taking Level IV of the Master Sommelier Diploma examination. The film portrays the intensity  and time required of anyone planning to achieve the Master Sommelier Diploma. SOMM focuses on four men intent on obtaining the elusive Court of Master Sommelier Diploma. Viewers of the film will see this small group of people interrelate as they taste wines working to identify the grape varieties, country origin, appellation and vintages. In order to successfully pass the examination, they must also know about the theory and practical side of restaurant wine service. The beginning of the film shows images of grapes reaching a winery, pressing, barrel making, barrel filling, and bottling. Later the focus is on the four candidates tasting wines and talking about them. This emphasizes the amount ...

Discover Texas Wine Country in 2015!


Spicewood Vineyards, TX

With more than 8,000 wineries in the US, many are springing into an array of activities to entice people to visit and try their wines. A wide range of wines and events occur throughout the year but spring is a great time to start your very own wine journey. Check out our first book, A Wine Journey. You will find boutique and large wineries. Each winery has its own uniqueness, wines and many have special events or ongoing events.
Texas Legato

Texas Legato tasting room

Texas, with more than 200 wineries, is one of the largest wine producing states although well below the number of wineries in California, Oregon and Washington. Texas boasts many wine trails. While some of the trails have wineries close to each other, others such as the Way Out Wineries take a considerable amount of driving to reach. Each winery has its own ambiance; when traveling ...
Fredericksburg Winery
Messina Hof

Looking for an Icelandic Wine but Find Mead and Cider

Icelandic Cider

Icelandic Cider

On the way home from the International Wine Tourism Conference in France, we decided to stay in Iceland for a couple of days. Iceland Air allows travelers the opportunity to spend a few days in Iceland without an additional  airline fee. As we always do, before leaving home, we decided to find out if any wine is made in Iceland. To our pleasant surprise we came across a fruit wine supposedly produced in Iceland. On our second day in Reykjavik we began searching for the fruit wine. We did find out that it was a blend of rhubarb, crowberry and one other berries. Unfortunately we were not able to find this Iceland wine. At one restaurant we learned that the wine is no longer made. Production ended about six years ago, or so we were told. At the Icelandic Bar we were quickly greeted when we arrived and ...
Whale in a Jar!