Final Thoughts

This will be my final post, so it’s a doozy. Scroll all the way down the page to see each portion. Touring Bronco Wine Co. I got the chance to see where Charles Shaw is bottled and shipped from in Napa. Here are the highlights: Fred Franzia is a simple man. He drives from his […]

Farmstead Cheeses and Wines

I love the personal attention you get when you walk into a small wine shop. You end up talking to very knowledgeable, friendly, and passionate people. That’s something you don’t really get when you shop at larger chain stores. I missed that for the last year or so, as I’ve been sent a lot of press samples […]

Review: Octavin – Monthaven Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet

Would you drink from a plastic bag? What if a piece of cardboard with pretty lettering was wrapped around it? Most people would answer no, but guess what? If you have ever purchased a fountain soda, you’ve done just that. That syrup concoction that gets mixed with carbonation just before being pumped out of a […]

Free Tickets to Bay Area Wine Event Dark and Delicious

Do you love wine? Do you love free wine? How about free wine and free food that also tastes good? I have available 2 free tickets for you and a friend to attend the “PS I Love You’s Dark & Delicious Event” in Alameda on Friday, February 18th from 6-9pm. The event will be showcasing […]

Winexpression to Close

After almost 8 years, I have decided that my Wine Blogging journey has come to an end. Thanks to all the readers, PR staff, and fellow wine bloggers that supported me through this journey. I have a few posts to finish up and will explain a bit more, but basically this forum has run it’s […]

Review: Milagro Reposado and 1800 Select Silver 100 proof

What makes for a delicious tequila? Is it the complexity, smoothness, or its mix-ability? Certainly all of these are factors, and a well crafted example will excel in these areas. But is there something more? Does the taste take you away, perhaps connecting you with a cherished memory? Is the lingering flavor on your tongue […]

Review – Bin 36 Wine from Chicago Restaurant/Wine Bar

Bin 36, an acclaimed Chicago Restaurant, Wine Bar, and Market, has done what a lot of Restaurants do: offer a wine with their name on it that is produced by an established winery (in this case Hahn Estates from the Central Coast of California). It’s good marketing, and importantly, a good way to control the […]

How Much Does Wine Actually Cost?

This inforgraphic reveals the actual cost of the materials used to make a bottle of wine, but fails to take into account everything else, like the overhead of the winery including building/office cost, staff salaries and benefits, marketing, distribution mark up, taxes, and so on. However, it does reveal how all these years Fred Franzia […]

Winners Announced for Week of September 20th Contest

Congratulations to Ciara and Naomi! I’ll be emailing both of you with a list of books you can choose from. Now how can you win this week? The Contest Just leave a comment below with your favorite type of music or a specific song you like to listen to when you drink wine. The Rules […]

Paris Now Offers Carbonated And Chilled Water Fountains

Will the “Fizzy Fountain” take off in America? Probably not until food coloring and high fructose corn syrup are added. Nevertheless, this is a great idea that gets people to use refillable water bottles as opposed to wasting money and resources on the plastic alternative. This will cut down on the 4.5 million barrels of […]

Bing Crosby’s Wine Cellar Preserves 1960 World Series Film

Ahh the wine cellar, perfect for storing vintage films lost to time, or so the Bill Crosby estate executors found out when game 7 of the 1960 world series between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the New York Yankees was discovered perfectly preserved inside the San Francisco residence. After Crosby viewed the 2-hour-36-minute game, probably in […]

Wente’s Day Of Discovery A Success

Wente launched their first ‘Day of Discovery‘ on September 4, 2010 with great success! Their motto for the day was “Good wine, good music, good food, good times!” and that is exactly what they delivered. A variety of bands performed all day long from three separate stages. Food and drink were available for purchase and […]

Ratings: Wily Jack’s Latest Releases

Need a good wine to pair with dinner? Wiley Jack aims to fill those boots. The brand that launched less than a year ago by wine behemoth Diageo Chateau & Estate Wines offers three simple wines for only $8 each. An easy to make recipe is provided for each wine, and additiional recipes can be […]

And the Winner is….

Mike. Congrats and enjoy the book! Now, since I’m sure there are some who didn’t get their name in, I’ve decided to give away a book a week for the next 7 weeks. Every week you’ll have a chance to win if you leave a comment below on any post from that week. Same rules […]

Book Review – The Most Beautiful Wine Cellars In The World

What makes a wine cellar beautiful? Is it the design and functionality of the cellar itself? Or, is it the contents within? Some might say that the most beautiful cellars can be found in homes of passionate collectors. But a different take could be those found in the worlds most prestigious wineries themselves. The Most Beautiful [...]

Single Serve Wine Glasses – Coming to the USA

The glasses, actually recyclable plastic, come pre-filled with 187ml (6.3-ounces) of Shiraz, Chardonnay or rose and have a peel-off foil lid. They cost £2.25 each ($3.37), which makes them more expensive than buying the same wine by the bottle (four glasses add up to £9, whereas the bottle is £4.50). Read [] [Edit] : Reader [...]

Review: Relic Wines 2007

It’s an interesting thing, chance. I met Mike from Relic wines while picking up an order from a different winery which shares the same production facility in St.Helena. He was looking through samples he opened to help a chef with pairing ideas for a dinner party that evening. He asked me if I would like [...]

Wine Film: Blood Into Wine

The story of Maynard Keenan James Winery Caduceus (pronounced Kah-dew-see-us) is being told through the lens in the new film Blood Into Wine, directed by Ryan Page & Christopher Pomerenke. Here’s the trailer: Blood Into Wine The film will be screened tomorrow night in the Bay Area at the Viz Cinema during the Noise Pop [...]

Book Review – Living With Wine

Most wine lovers at some time have experienced cellar envy. It could be the contents, the location, or the features of the storage medium, but each has the ability to evoke feelings of envy and inadequacy. If you haven’t experienced that yet, then this book is for you! This heavy coffee table book boosts beautiful [...]