Gentle Folk Syrah 2016

Evocative label (again), Cork (still), 12.5%, Adelaide Hills.

Smells of stone and fruit. . . I'm assuming whole bunches - lovely aromatics - stems and spice, floral. . . Nimble but firm, rose petals. . . Super tannins - unhurried, discreetly assertive.

With the meta data - Smells of stone (there's obviously no stone, but there's something struck and incendiary about the nose) and fruit (flint and smoulder + shiraz fruit - young and cool rather than warm climate raisins) . . . I'm assuming whole bunches - lovely aromatics - stems and spice, floral. . . Nimble but firm (slippery and quick, very bright acids), rose petals (soft, lush, very pretty in the mouth). . . Super tannins - unhurried, discreetly assertive (skin tannins, musk and spice in accent).

Grosset Polish Hill 2016

This is one of a handful of Australian wines that I feel compelled to try almost every year. It's the vinous equivalent of the metaphorical river that can't be stepped into twice. Still, I'm keen with anticipation, always expecting (perhaps unfairly) something pure, driven and more intense than its peers. . .

A smouldering nose - green smoke, citrus and sap; it feels like early spring - wild and herbaceous, verbena perhaps. . . (very) salty and sappy in the mouth, given my high expectations, it feels attenuated, it seems to hum where I had hoped for more pulse and crackle. All buzz no sting.  89-91.

Pomegranate ice cream

The garden's last and most complete pomegranate. I thought I'd make an ice cream and laziness led me to this no churn recipe from Nigella. The only additional ingredients being a lime, double cream and sugar. Extremely easy, but unsatisfying. . . It's too heavy and structureless. . . Next time I'll make a proper anglaise and add the pomegranate juice before setting and churning.

Bicknell FC Chardonnay 2014

Thick with scent and texture. . . it's been too long since I last tried an Oakridge chardonnay. . . in my mind I can picture the nose, but my memory of the taste is less sure - less flesh and more bone is my imperfect recollection. . .

Super nose - worked, rich and dense - peach and almond meal. Flint. Lush and apricot nectar like in the mouth. Thick and intricate, excellent acids and intensity. A/A+

Gentle Folks Scary White 2016

Cork. 11.5%. Adelaide Hills. A field blend of sauvignon blanc, riesling, gewürztraminer, chardonnay and pinot gris.

A blend of five, the gewürz the most notable - aromatically and texturally. Skin and musk, an orange wine in scent - pith and glue, perfume and toluene. It is floral and fresh. Pale green for the synesthetes. Salty and savoury in the mouth. Yes.