Last Minute Wine Gifts

last minute wine gifts

last minute wine gifts

Last Minute Wine Gift Ideas

A Perfect Wine & Chocolate Pairing

Everyone loves getting fed. You could whip up a three-course meal, but that’s not a quick gift. If you want all the glory without all the work, ditch the first two courses and jump right to dessert. Throw in some great wine, and you will be a gift-giving rockstar. Here are a few ideas culled from our annual (and sold out)  Mother’s day Wine and Chocolate class: White Chocolate is a fantastic foil to Cabernet Sauvignon, especially bottles from Paso Robles. Another favorite at the Wine School is Banyuls (the French dessert wine)  with Chocolate truffles. Here’s  a sommelier secret:  Brachetto d’Aqui is pretty much the best wine for any and all chocolate pairings. It’s fizzy, frothy red wine with a dollop of residual sugar. Chocolate-covered bacon? Brachetto d’Aqui! Flourless chocolate torte? Brachetto d’Aqui! ...
Antica 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, Atlas Peak
The Grand Tasting Table at the Wine School
Hobo Sommelier?
The Wine Rack

Top Picks in Wine & Spirits Stores

Wine & Spirits Stores

Top Picks in Wine & Spirits Stores in April

Framingham 2015 Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough (NZ)
This boutique winery has been pushing out classic New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc since 1994. It’s a standard in our Wine 101 classes for nearly as long. It’s well made and lays on the exotic white fruit and cantaloupe. The  herbal and fresh grass on the nose is unmistakable.   $11.99 in PA, $15 elsewhere.  Firriato 2015 “Jasmin” Zibibbo, Terre Siciliane (IT)
I read a review of this wine by a local critic that called this wine “sweet.” I think someone mistook a full bodied white wine with a high glycerol content for residual sugar. Zibbio is an exotic grape, that tends to veer towards jasmine aromas, hence the name. It’s got a core of green apple with a velvet texture. It’s finish is briny, reminiscent of green olives. If you are going to ...

Building A Wine Cellar

building a wine cellar This article originated with a text from a friend.
Wondering if you’ve got a preferred source for wine cellar racking. I remember your setup and I figured with you being a cheap Scotsman you might have an opinion on the subject. I was going to buy the wall mounted racks but the wife gave me paranoid about if falling out of the wall.
Tom got his start at the Wine School over a decade ago, and now works for a national wine company. He could have been a master sommelier if he wanted to, but he went into wine technology instead.  Our conversation about building wine cellars ended up becoming this article.

Do You Really Need a Wine Cellar?

If you aren’t planning to lay down wine for a long time, don’t worry about building a wine cellar. As long as you aren’t abusing your wine, your wine will keep for a ...
An efficient wine cellar
The Original Wine Cellar

The Cabernet Sauvignon Buying Guide

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Wine Reviews

Find these wines near  you: Wine Finder

Mount Veeder 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon,  Napa Valley

Do pencils grow on trees? This is the ripest graphite I’ve ever tasted. It’s also got an awesome diabetic bondage thing going on: boysenberry, chocolate, and oiled leather. The mint and thyme in the finish tones down some of the aggressive tannins here. PA Wine & Spirits Stores, Chairman’s Selection $24.99

Glenelly 2013 “Glass Collection” Cabernet Sauvignon,  Stellenbosch (South Africa)

A standout newcomer to the PLCB wine shops.  Licorice and black pepper jump out of the glass. The black fruit reduction. The body is lush and thick with savory eucalyptus. A hint of cigar box and chocolate smoke on the finish. Unctionless delight beyond it’s price point. PA Wine & Spirits Stores, Chairman’s Selection: $12.99

Night Harvest 2013 “John George” Cabernet Sauvignon, Margaret River (Australia)

If you haven’t experiences wines from Western Australia, ...

Talking With Keith

Keith Wallace

Yep, that’s me.

I’m the guy who looks at all of your questions in our customer support forum. Whether you need help with your job resume, or have a question about bottling limits or just need help with a gift certificate, I’ll help you out. When you communicate with us, you go straight to the top. You don’t get lost in a phone tree, you don’t need to escalate to middle management. You don’t wade through a sea of bureaucracy. You chat with me or Phil. Sometimes people wonder why they have to post online just to ask us a simple question. Wouldn’t it be easier to discuss this on the phone? I am not sure. If we offered phone support, I’d have to step back. I just don’t have the knack for it. We’d hire an admin to take on customer support, and our prices would have ...

Holiday Gifts Ideas

Holiday Wine Guide

A few suggestions for this holiday season.

Vinous Napa Valley Maps


Pritchard Hill AVA

Here’s something for the wine geek in your circle. Vinous has published a cutting-edge series of vineyard maps. These are not whimsical maps crafted to be hits on social media. These are precise vineyard maps that will be the standard for a generation. Hard-core cartography went into these maps, and are available for six appellations within Napa: Pritchard Hill, Oakville, Stags Leap, Rutherford, Howell Mountain, and Yountville. Vinous Napa Valley Vineyard Maps

Colonial Spirits: A Toast to Our Drunken History

Colonial Spirits

Colonial Spirits

Author Steven Grasse is an interesting man. He’s the Philly native who invented  Sailor Jerry rum and Hendrick’s gin. He is also the guy behind the re-boot of  Narragansett beer (my favorite part of the movie Jaws), as well as the owner of two new distilleries: Tamworth Distilling in New Hampshire, and  Art in the Age right ...

Real Food Fake Food
Gift Certificate

Holiday Wine Guide

Holiday Wine Guide

Holiday Wine Guide

Wine is a significant part of every holiday celebration. We serve them at dinner parties and give them away as gifts. As the holidays are upon us, here are some wine-buying tips.

Hosting a Dinner Party

For intimate dinners of up to five people,  splurge for a few $35 bottles. For larger parties, I suggest wines that cost less than $20. For suggestions, check out out a few wines we have featured recently on our blog.  For pairing suggestion, take a look at the bottom of this article.

What to Bring to a Holiday Party

Giving a bottle of wine as a holiday gift is tricky, but how much to spend is the trickiest. Let’s make is a little simpler: there are really on four price categories, and you just need to choose one.
  • $10. Tasty but unsophisticated wine.
  • $15. Good quality, but stay away from the big brands.
  • $25. Luxury level, ...