Pasta e Fagioli

I had hoped to hand roll pici as a part of my Father's birthday dinner a few weeks ago, but I got savaged by a dog and my dominant hand has until the last few days been mostly useless for anything laborious.

It's a slow process - I think I spent two hours hand rolling these little slugs. . .

For the pasta - in a thermomix or similar - bring together 500g of plain flour, 2 eggs, 250g of ricotta, a teaspoon of salt and 4 tablespoons of water.  Tip out the dough, clump and kneed together before wrapping in cling film to rest for 15-30 minutes. Then pinch, roll and repeat x300.

Fagioli - just before you start on the pasta - take 150g of dried borlotti beans and soak in boiling water. They should be ready once you have finished rolling out all of the noodles (approx 2 hours). ...

A Round Of Wine For Thanksgiving: The ‘Help Yourself’ Version

holiday wine, what to serve with Thanksgiving I was having a conversation just yesterday about the joys of Thanksgiving and they boil down to this: food and family. And I dare say, for many of us, the food category includes wine. My husband and I have served Thanksgiving to our big, extended Irish family since before we had children. I do recall a much, much younger me, a woman who printed out a list of Thanksgiving-friendly wine suggestions from some expert online and took it, part-and-parcel to the wine shop. It’s actually how I fell in love with Beaucastel, after buying some for that meal. If you’ve ever paused with concern about what to serve at Thanksgiving, I’m here to relieve your fears. I’ve tasted a number of excellent wines over the past months that will be lovely with your dinner. Rather than line up pairings—an act nearly impossible for the wide-open feast—this article highlights interesting wines ...

Make Your Holiday Recipes Special: Add a Little Wine

A recipe that calls for red wine and cherries!

Now that fall cooking is underway, it is a great time to start adding wine to your recipes. Of course, since you are unlikely to use the entire bottle of wine in the recipe, there will undoubtedly be enough wine left to enjoy while creating your masterpiece or to serve with dinner.  Below are seven suggestions for adding wine to your recipes.
  1. When baking a box cake, substitute wine for the water. Terry well remembers when he was in elementary school, his mother taught him this trick.
  2. When cooking meat, start off by marinating the beef, pork or chicken in a little wine. The addition of wine tends to help tenderize the meat making it tender and  and adds hints of robustness. We prefer using red wine for beef dishes and white wine for chicken.
  3. Risotto dishes frequently call for ...

How To Pair Wine With Pork (+4 Delicious Recipes)

If any meat crosses the divide of white meat and red, it’s pork. It’s unsurprising then, that pork shows up so frequently on dinner tables, featured in classic, all-American dishes and those inspired by faraway cuisines. It’s tough to find a wine that doesn’t match with this chameleon of meats, as it can pair with the light and bright or the rich and full-flavored alike. It all depends on the cut and preparation of the dish. Fattier cuts of pork, like bacon, pork belly, and pork shoulder, might work with a heavier wine, while leaner meats, like pork tenderloin, are better matched with a fresher option. For pork inspiration, turn to these four recipes and wine pairings. Don’t be afraid to get creative – after all, pork is one of the most versatile options around! Roast Pork Tenderloin

In classic Sunday dinner fashion, something like this garlic roast pork tenderloin brings ...

This garlic roast pork loin is simple to make and delivers huge flavor.

#MerlotMe In The Kitchen: A #WinePW Special

wines for fall, Sonoma wine, Napa wine
#MerlotMe wines from California — an October celebration. Photo Credit: Jill Barth
Many years ago I walked into a wine store and the clerk approached me with a question: “What’s your favorite wine?” Hmmm. It’s an honest question, but anyone who has tasted as much wine as I have will never be able to provide an answer. Another version of the inquiry sounds like this, “What sort of wine varieties do you like best?” Same hesitation, on my part. Even a single variety can present itself as endless. Perhaps none more so than merlot, which thrives in France, Italy, Chile, the United States and Australia. Simplified, merlot provides silky tannins and red or dark fruit — it’s complex and depended upon in blends but can fashion a staid single varietal wine. I’ve found that versatility on the table is a characteristic that is often overlooked. To prove that ...
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#MerlotMe 2
#MerlotMe 1

Lugana: An Italian White Wine For All Seasons

Lugana vineyards
Photo Credit: Consorzio Tutela Lugana DOC
Lugana, surrounding captivating Lake Garda, is an Italian wine enclave in Lombardy and Veneto. If you’re looking for a full-bodied white wine to take you into the Autumn season, Lugana may be your answer. Lugana is comprised of 2,100 hectares, situated between the provinces of Brescia and Verona near Italy’s largest lake. Lake Garda provides a Mediterranean aspect to the growing environment, with cooling breezing emanating off the water and relatively stable diurnal spread. The soil here is predominantly clay-based and rich in minerals — in hilly areas of the denomination soil can tend to be sandy. It is interesting to note that the area was once that of a marshy, wet forest called Selva Lucana. To reclaim the land for agriculture, at the time grain farming, the Republic of Venice drained the land. With a Bronze Age history of vineyards, the practice of ...
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The Annual NYCWFF is Almost Here!

Discover wine, spirits and food at the NYCWFF in NYC this month!

The NYCWFF, a large festival in New York City, is almost here. This all-encompassing event begins October 11 and runs through October 14. One of the most important points of the NewYork City Wine & Food Festival is that the festival benefits two charities: No Kid Hungry and the Food Bank For New York City. Ticket information is available online. Back in June I provided information about the NYCWFF including reasons why to volunteer. While many events have been sold out, there are still tickets available for numerous fun events. Also package tickets are available.  As of this writing, Sunday, September 30, tickets are available for: Date: Thursday, October 11
  • Benoit 10th Anniversary Dinner with Alain Ducasse and Laetitia Rouabah
  • Supper is Served
  • Chelsea Night Market
  • Tacos & Tequila presented by Tequila Cazadores
Date: Friday, October 12
  • ...