Pomegranate ice cream

The garden's last and most complete pomegranate. I thought I'd make an ice cream and laziness led me to this no churn recipe from Nigella. The only additional ingredients being a lime, double cream and sugar. Extremely easy, but unsatisfying. . . It's too heavy and structureless. . . Next time I'll make a proper anglaise and add the pomegranate juice before setting and churning.

Wine for a Summer Cookout

Many years ago I hosted a cookout party for family and friends to celebrate my sister’s achievement of earning her Masters degree in Early Childhood Education. I made, truly, the best pulled pork this side of the Mississippi and I thought to myself (as I often do): Rhône reds.  Turns out, I had a houseful of white wine drinkers, people that actually asked me specifically for a glass of white wine. I learned two things about cookouts that day: first, at parties go with variety…second, always have an over-sized bottle of white wine. Wine for a Summer Cookout, Grill or BBQ It sounds simple, but I don’t see any reason why a cookout shouldn’t be simple. Too much fuss turns a hostess into a stuffy, boring swirl of no-fun. In American we are in the heart of cookout season – grills are fired up from here to September and beyond and everyone needs a little something to drink. ...