6 Questions with Sven Klundt

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6 Questions used to be a regular feature that I used to adore reading in the Sunday NY Times Magazine.  Now I want to bring the format to Fass Selections by featuring our favorite wine producers and their candid responses to questions. I love this format as it extends beyond the traditional wine questions and shows am irreverent human side to all the people I work with and work with us. I hope you enjoy this series and the latest installment is from the wonderful Pfalz burgeoning superstar, Sven Klundt.

1- What was the last great wine you had that was not one of yours?
The last wine that deeply impressed me was a Clos St.-Jacques of Armand Rousseau. It was vintage
1991 and I shared it with a few good winemaker friends on a trip to Sylt.

2- What was the last great meal you had?
That …

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