Gersing Cellars in Portland Produces a Nebbiolo Wine

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Gersing Cellars is an urban winery in Portland, OR

Last week we enjoyed a bottle of wine with our eldest daughter who gave us a bottle of the Gersing Cellars Bri0 Nebbiolo Ciel Du Cheval Vineyard 2016. The dark ruby color wine was opaque. The wine offered an aroma of blackberries, currants, black cherries and sour cherries.  The mouthfeel was silky. The taste of black fruits included nuances of black cherries. This full-bodied wine offered medium to bold tannins. The wine finished with smooth tannins, mulberries and white pepper. This Nebbiolo wine was 14.6% alcohol

The back label of the Nebbiolo gives some insights to the name of the wine. The label notes the pronunciation and definition of brio: “noun \ br?-( )ö \ Def: enthusiastic vigor; verve”.

Gersing Cellars is located in Portland, the city’s SE region. This is a relatively new, up and coming urban …

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