Wine of the Day, No. 428

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Our previous Wine of the Day concerned an albariño, partly fermented and aged in oak, from the unusual origin of Uruguay. Today, we look at an albariño wine from the Spanish region of Rías Baixas, where the grape is indigenous. Rías Baixas is in Galicia, in northwestern Spain, right up against the Atlantic Ocean, atop Portugal. The name of the region means “lower Rías,” or rivers, and refers to four estuaries that open to the Atlantic and mingle fresh and saltwater. The sub-regions of Rías Baixas are distributed among these rivers. While soil types vary, of course, among these sub-regions, generally the soil is granitic with an alluvial overlay. The Pazo Cilleiro Albariño 2017, Rias Baixas, made all in stainless steel, offers a shimmering pale gold hue and lovely aromas that partake of meadows and mountains, that is, not to be too fanciful, of heather and hay, high-altitude herbs and …

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