One the Greatest Champagnes I Have Ever Had

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One of the things I love about dealing with  very old European wineries and cultures in general is the preservation of tradition. Now, don’t get me wrong not all traditions are good, not all are bad either, but some have become less prevalent due to various reasons and sometimes traditions are tweaked with advances in climate, technology and the such. When I visited Isabelle Benoit of Perseval-Farge this last month she could hardly contain her excitement as she had a very special new cuvee that she wanted me to taste. Boy did it not disappoint. It is super rare and when I say rare, this is the first ever time at Fass Selections I will debut a unicorn wine. This might be one of the unicorniest  wines ever. Please indulge me.

For people who just want to see the price of today’s and skip the time the wine is the …

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