The Most Singular Burgundies in My Portfolio: Micro Production, Biodynamic, Natural and Almost Impossible to Describe

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“this is the type of wine you pull out on a Tuesday night if you really want something extra.”- Customer 365

2016 Jean-Jacques Morel Bourgogne Blanc “Les Genouvrees”
 – 700 Bottles Made
 – Piquant Green Apple Skin
 – Insanely Complex; Village Puligny Quality Level
 – “Expensive Burgundy” Quality Level for Under $30

2016 Jean-Jacques Morel Puligny-Montrachet 
 – 300 Bottles Made
 – Incredible Concentration and Purity
 – Awe Inspiring Finesse

Recently I had three semi similar experiences with the wines of J.J. Morel that illustrate the fervor

people can have over these brilliant wines.
– One client randomly had a bottle of the 2014 St. Aubin 1er Cru with another client and was so enthralled by the wine that he ordered so much Morel I’d never seen anything like it before. This is someone who is drinking Ramonet/PYCM and the like on a regular basis. I remember speaking with …

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