2008 Champagne, "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways."

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The 2008 Jadis Is Insane
 – There Is No Champagne Like This for $54.99
  – Grand Cru Levels of Aromatics, Density and Balance
 –   A Sensory Experience Like Almost Nothing I’ve Had
 – You Can Smell the Colors and Taste the Smells (Like Leary)
 – Amazing Young
 – Changed 40 Times in 30 Minutes
 – 6+ Pricing (It’s THAT Good And The QPR Is Beyond Great)
 – A Wine You’ll Want to Drink from Your Cellar for a Decade

NV Caillez-Lemaire Rose 
 – Nose is a Bunch of Fruits Laid Out on a Bed of Limestone
 – Very Complex, Unreal Depth
 – Unbelievable Wine for Under $38 – It Has It All

Today I am offering one of the best Champagnes I will ever sell for the quality and for the money. As many of you know I hold the 2008 vintage in reverence as it is incomprehensible …

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