Masters of Wine Champagne Tasting: September 24, San Francisco

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In the villages of Champagne, harvest having taken place more than a week ago, the wine is already through its fermentations and resting in tanks or barrels waiting to be bottled with the yeast and sugar that will give it the bubbles we all love so much.

What better time to begin thinking about one of the best wine tasting events each year in San Francisco. The Champagne tasting put on by the Institute for the Masters of Wine.

Very few opportunities exist to taste a lot of Champagnes side-by-side, even if you are a member of the trade. As a consumer, such opportunities are incredibly rare, especially MW_logo.jpgcompared to the relative frequency of opportunities to taste, say, as many Zinfandels as you want, or a lot of Pinot Noir.

If you are interested in giving yourself a little education when it comes to Champagne, or if you’re educated already …

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