I’d Say "I Hate to Say I Told You So" But I’d Be Lying. Vailloni Is "Discovered" – 95 Points $32.99

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I’ve Been Going On and On and On About Alto Piemonte
I’ve Been Banging the Drum about Podere ai Vailloni

And Now the Secret Is Out

The Latest in a Long List of Our Wines to Hit it Big

2010 Podere Ai Valloni Boca “Vigna Cristiana”
 – Stunning Refinement
 – Nose: Crazy Intense Roses, Massive Cherries, Minerals and Cooling Blue Fruits – So Layered
 – 2010 Ripe, Juicy Fruit to Go with the Aromatics
 – Roses Galore on the Palate
 – Absolute Magic

One thing about our Alto Piemonte portfolio is for some reason up until now we never got reviewed

by anybody. It’s ok. It was the same way with German Spätburgunder and Martin Müllen and Andi Schneider. Then the reviews came in and many of those wines are highly allocated now. Well, I am thrilled and giddy and dancing in my apartment right now as we got our …

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