The New Sangiovese: Alta Toscana (Emiglia Romagna) – $70 Quality "Brunello" for Under $30

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As Beautiful an Expression of Sangiovese as Brunello

Gabriele Succi
 – In the Vineyards So Much, It’s Unclear if He Owns a House
 – A True Master Winemaker 
 – Blazing a Trail in Brunello’s Northern Shadow

2013 Costa Archi Riserva
 – The Naked Soul of Sangiovese
 – Like Really, Really Well Made, Incredibly Balanced Brunello
 – Densely Packed Nose: Terrific Spice
 – Powerful, Dnse on the Palate: Chocolate, Dark Cherries
 – Amazing Freshness and Balance
 – Long, Spicy, Licorice Finish
 – Amazing Structure – Built to Last

Every new popular region at one point made blah mediocre wines.

And all of those regions had one trailblazer who figured out how to make great wines.

And in Emilia Romagna, that winemaker is Gabriele Succi.

His Story
His wines hit the list about a year ago and I’ve been getting incredible feedback from the list.  It’s

almost impossible to get Brunello …

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