Wine of the Day, No. 432

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It’s always salutary to learn something new. For example, I recently tried this wine, the Alois Lageder “Fórra” Manzoni Bianco 2016, made from a grape I had never heard of. Manzoni bianco is a cross of riesling and pinot bianco created in the 1930s by Professor Luigi Manzoni, director of the Conegliano Research Centre. The wine’s designation is Vignete delle Dolomiti — wine of the Dolomites — which tells us that it hails from northeastern Italy, right up there near the border with Austria. The grapes derive from Alois Lageder’s Paradeis vineyard, whose sandy-chalky soils lie at elevations from 1,148 to 1,476 feet. Lageder’s estate is certified bio-dynamic. The wine’s name — Fórra — means gorge or narrow valley in Italian. This geographical feature, over which the vineyard looms, brings in cool winds that moderate temperatures and cause a little stress, making the vines work hard to dig for nutrients …

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