The Genius of the Greek: "petit Hermitage" – A Crozes as Good as Most Hermitage – The Ultimate Rhone Value Play – Special Monday Night Offer

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Grapes from a “Very Famous Winemaker”
 – Right Behind Hermitage, 100+ Year Old Vines
 – Insane Concentration, Complexity and Balance
 – 160 Cases Made, 90% Sold Out After 2 Weeks on Sale
 – 2017 Vintage of the Century
 – Competes Quality-Wise with Hermitage at Twice the Price
 – USA Exclusive
 – From Gervans Which Is Locally Known as “petit Hermitage”

My last trip to the Rhone was wonderful and truly one of the most exhilarating and educational experiences of my life as every year is. As many of you know by now we share at Fass Selections a special relationship with the wonderful wine store, Compagnie l’Hermitage which is owned by the

Kingmaker of the Rhone, Georges Lelektsoglou (the “Greek”) and his son Charlie Lelektsoglou. As a pet project that has become much more serious over the years, George makes wine and the label is the store. George is about …

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