Day 13 Traveled from Hungary to Austria

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Cement tanks at Domäne Wachau in Austria’s Wachau wine region

Our last day of our two week visit to Hungary and Austria was completed when we visited Domäne Wachau and later F. J. Gritsch in Austria.

Our first winery of the day was Domäne Wachau, a large winery consisting of a group of wine growers. The winery has a special history with old cellars and a special historic building now used for events. The wine cellar includes old and modern winemaking equipment including stainless steel tanks, cement eggs and old casks. The tasting room is modern. During our wine tasting, we noticed that the floor has a large image of the renowned Danube River embedded in it.

Tasting wines at F. J. Gritsch winery in Austria

We then traveled to a small Austrian town. After parking, we walked past a large church and entered a small walkway leading past the …

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