Two Pinot Noirs from One of the Great Vineyards In Europe – 2007 and 2015 – Both Under $40

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Centrgrafenberg – One of the Great Vineyards of Europe

2015 Josef Walter Pinot Noir Centgrafenberg
 – The Sweetest Fruit of any Pinot Noir from Germany
 – Whirling Spices on the Nose
 – Palate: Juicy and Concentrated 
 – Terrific Acidity and Compelling Sweetness

2007 Josef Walter Spätburgunder Centgrafenberg “J”
 – Closed on My Last 2-3 Tastings – Now Wide Open
 – Sick Nose Right Out of the Gates
 – Mind Boggling Spicey Complexity
 – Super Juicy with Terrific Balance and Jaw Dropping Purity
 – Gamey and Mineral and Super Savory on the Finish
 – Grand Cru Vineyard, 12 Year Old, $39.99 – Only In Germany

We all know the great vineyards of France.
La Romanee, La Tache, Bonnes Marres and Chambertin for Burgundian Pinots.
Batard Montrachet and Le Montrachet for Chardonnay.

But do we really know the great vineyards of Germany, especially for Pinot Noir?

We should,

And in my …

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