Rare Hermitage (Only 2nd Vintage, 2015 Was Other) – The Titanic Depth and Concentration of 2017 Hermitage Combined with the Hauntingly Elegant Luyton House Style

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2017 Michelle Luyton Hermitage “Allegresse”
 – An Affordable Taste of What the “Other Half” Drinks
 – Aromatics Are Almost Super Terroir
 – The Depth of Fruit is Unconscious
 – Nose: Pepper, Meaty, Leather, Earth and Herbal 
 – Deep, Deep Blackberry 
 – Structured with Incredible Length
 – Will Last 2-3 Decades
 – Only 280 Bottles Made
 – A Crazy Rare, High Quality Collectors’ Item

The great hill of Hermitage is about as impressive and awe-inspiring as any great place in the world.

It could theoretically be the 8th wonder of the world. It as majestic as the great pyramids and as imposing as Mt. Everest and it’s not getting any bigger. That is the allure of Hermitage. It is finite. It it also expensive.  Chave/Sorrel are but a few names that can attract rabid fan bases (and stratospheric prices).  I still cannot believe that I am lucky enough to …

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