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I read the papers, even the detested Murdoch ones, digesting the stories and numbers and images about SARS-Cov2. . . will it continue to spread (yes); can it be controlled with social distancing (yes); can Italy and Spain get it under control (the last 2 days show a drop in new cases, so – yes – hopefully); has our warm Australian summer protected us so far (perhaps, but the days are growing cooler). . .

I’ve more time, especially this week, as the ramp up of restrictions has taken effect. I’ve been finding solace in cooking and simple pleasures – like this pot of honey harvested from a patient’s backyard hive. It’s perhaps one of the sweetest and most delicious honeys I’ve tried. Runnier and darker than usual, I’ve been using it for special things – like my pot of zaalouk. . .

Books too have been a constant companion.

Greg Zuckerman’s book on Jim Simons …

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