#StayAtHome and Learn Something (Talking Wine History for FFWS)

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FFWS 10 Seminal Moments in Wine

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Now that we’re all comfortably sitting at home, doing our best to save the world by watching movies and trying not to drink all of the booze too soon, you might be looking for a few more things to consume for your mental benefit, as well.

To that end, I’m contributing to the Magazine section of the Foley Food & Wine Society website, with my first piece now available, part of their #StayAtHome content initiative (you are staying home, right? RIGHT?!??).

My contribution is titled 10 Seminal Moments in Wine and highlights some of the most impactful events throughout wine’s history. I’m sure that many of you fine, opinionated folk will have lots to dis/agree with in said article, so head on over there for a gander and come back and heckle me!


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