Ar.Pe.Pe: The Bartolo Mascarello of Valtellina, Top 10 Nebbiolo Producer, Among the Most Singular Expressions of Nebbiolo in Italy, Nebbiolo Geek Heaven

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 – If You Know, You Know
 – The Precision Reminds me of Brisset
 – If You Don’t, Buy This And You’ll Know
 – The Darling of the Most Knowledgable Nebbiolo Geeks
 – Totally Different than Langhe Nebbiolo
 – More of a Chambolle/Volnay Sensibility

2015 Arpepe Valtellina Superiore Grumello “Rocca De Piro”
 – Nose: Some Spice, Some Chestnut
 – Gamey, Feral, Sweet
 – Gorgeous Florals
 – Palate: Absolutely Bonkers
 – Fiercely Energetic and Textured
 – Elegant 5 Year Old Tannins
 – Perfectly Ripened Mid Season Cherries
 – Unreal Mineral Tingle
 – Amazing Length

Against the Mountains
Valtellina has to be one of the hardest regions to make wine in the world. First, it’s at the foot of the Alps and the slopes are roughly as brutal as the Mosel. Second, it’s cold up there (average high of 75 in July!) and getting grapes to ripen has historically been difficult….

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