White Wines at the Top Italian Wines Road Show in Washington, DC

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Gambero Rosso wine tasting in Washington, DC

Earlier this week, June 3, 2019, Terry and I attended the Gambero Rosso Top Italian Wines Road Show in Washington, DC. In an earlier blog, Terry wrote about the event and described many of the red wines we tasted. The following is a brief description of the white wines that we enjoyed at the wine tasting as well as suggestions for future wine tastings.

The Italian white wines we tasted were from several of Italy’s wine regions including Marche, Lazio, Puglia, Sicily, Sardinia, Emilia Romagna, and Abruzzo.

Gambero Rosso wine tasting in the US

The Offida Pecorino Pekò 2018 from La Canosa winery in the Marche region was  produced with the Pecorino grape. The Marche wine region is located along Italy’s border of the Adriatic Sea. The Offida Pecorino Pekò was a yellow color with a gold hue. The aroma was …

2019 Virginia Governor’s Cup Wine Seminar

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2019 Virginia Governor’s Cup Case Seminar

Last week we traveled to southwestern Virginia to attend the 2019 Governor’s Cup Wine seminar. The featured event included the top 12 winning wines chosen from some of the larger Virginia wine producers. 

Our travel plans included visiting four boutique wineries in the region. This included Whitebarrel Winery which was also the location of the satellite wine seminar. We also visited Spinning Jenny Vineyard which recently opened in the spring of 2019. Next we stopped at The New River Vineyard and Winery, another small winery that offers a large deck for enjoying a glass of wine. On Monday we enjoyed a personalized wine tasting at JBR Vineyards. The last winery to visit was Whitebarrel Winery where we arrived early to interview the owners before the seminar was to start. Next month we will post online articles about each of these boutique Virginia wineries.

The Romantic Danube: Hungary, A Teach and Taste Experience

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Hungarian Wine Teach & Taste

On Sunday, May 5, Terry and Kathy offered two 2-hour presentation, The Romantic Danube: Hungary, a Teach and Taste experience. The Teach and Taste experiences  have a new format for 2019. Each wine enthusiast sits at the table and is provided with wines and food pairings. Terry explains the wine  details and why the food matches with the wine.

The Romantic Danube: Hungary presentation included six Hungarian wines with six different foods, winemaking and vineyard details, Hungarian geography and history. Photos from our recent visit to Hungary, added a colorful look at the wines of Hungary and added to everyone’s fun experience.

Terry talked about the thousands of years of winemaking, Hungarian indigenous varietal grapes, the influence of the Communist era, Tokaj and much more. The food pairings included Pogacsa (Hungarian cheese biscuits), Melon wrapped with Prosciutto, pasta salad, Hungarian Goulash, Chicken …

Day 13 Traveled from Hungary to Austria

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Cement tanks at Domäne Wachau in Austria’s Wachau wine region

Our last day of our two week visit to Hungary and Austria was completed when we visited Domäne Wachau and later F. J. Gritsch in Austria.

Our first winery of the day was Domäne Wachau, a large winery consisting of a group of wine growers. The winery has a special history with old cellars and a special historic building now used for events. The wine cellar includes old and modern winemaking equipment including stainless steel tanks, cement eggs and old casks. The tasting room is modern. During our wine tasting, we noticed that the floor has a large image of the renowned Danube River embedded in it.

Tasting wines at F. J. Gritsch winery in Austria

We then traveled to a small Austrian town. After parking, we walked past a large church and entered a small walkway leading past the …

Two Légende Wines from Châteaux Lafite Rothschild

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Legende Bordeaux Blanc 2017

Recently we tasted and enjoyed two Bordeaux wines, a white and a red, from Châteaux Lafite Rothschild. These two wines, branded as Légende, are not from the Lafite Rothschild’s renowned aged vineyards but from younger and less prestigious vineyards owned by the famous winery and nearby vineyards. Compared to the venerated Châteaux de Rothschild wines, the Légende wine brand is much more affordable and a good value.

The Légende Bordeaux Blanc 2017 was a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon. This white wine, with 12% alcohol, was dry. The color was a light yellow. The aroma was mild with intense notes of tropical fruit with a hint of honeysuckle after a late spring rain. The mouthfeel was smooth and silky. The taste was racy with notes of citrus. There were also notes reminiscent of tropical fruits like pineapple and melon. The wine had a long finish. …