Remarkably Elegant 9 Year Aged Nebbiolo Direct from the Cellar – Under $40 Plus a Crazy Under $20 Value Nebbiolo Blend

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Alto Piemonte
 – Poor Volcanic Soils
 – Cooler Climate
 – The Next Really Important Wine Region

Podere Ai Valloni Has Been Making Perhaps the Most Elegant Wines in Alto Piemonte for Decades
 – So, So, So Pretty, Complex and Delicate
 – Some of the Most Elegant Nebbiolos in Italy, Bar None 

2011 Podere Ai Valloni Boca Vigna Cristiana
 – Nose: Very Intense Roses – Dried and Fresh – Amazing
 – Almost Burgundian Stylistically
 – Mineral, Earth, Tar
 – Palate: Complex Fruit, So Elegant
 – Cherries, Cherry Flowers, Mineral
 – Delicate, Yet Nuanced
 – 92 Pts Wine Enthusaist

2017 Podere Ai Valloni “Sass Russ” Colline Novaresi
 – Nose: Deep Damson, Mid Cherry Core, Hints of Licorice and Anise
 – Palate : Juicy, Dark Cherry and Sour Cherry Fruit
 – Wonderful Stylishness for a $17.99 Wine 

The Elegance of Old Nebbiolo
Nebbiolo, for me, is a grape that makes wines of …

Vinography Images: The Boat is Empty

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The Boat is Empty
SANTA YNEZ, CA – AUGUST 11: A canoe floats on a vineyard pond at Refugio Ranch, near Santa Ynez, California. Wineries, like all hospitality venues, have been closed down amidst the Coronavirus epidemic and are suffering mightily as a result. You can support your favorite winery by ordering wine from them directly. Many are offering free shipping and other specials, which I’ve catalogued here.

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Weekend Wine Notes: Four Proseccos

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No, Prosecco isn’t Champagne or any of the other sparkling wines made in the traditional Champagne method of second fermentation in the bottle. There’s no way the glera grape and the Charmat or bulk process could achieve the levels of depth and complexity, presence and tone that the Champagne method can produce. On the other hand, Prosecco, produced primarily in Italy’s Veneto region, offers, in its best manifestations, a unique set of qualities that I find irresistible. The combination of this sparkling wine’s floral nature, its spiced pear and lemon fruit, its pert acidity, its steeliness and flintiness, and its texture that’s somehow both lithe and talc-like makes it the perfect bright, vivid aperitif or accompaniment to simple seafood dishes. Yes, there’s plenty of mediocre Prosecco around, often made from grapes grown on inappropriate flatlands and shallow hills, but fashioned with care from vineyards located in the best districts of …

Domaine De L’Arlot Clos Des Forets Saint Georges 2009

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13.5%. Nuits Saint Georges. Cork. Cellar.

The 2005 was paired with a porcine pink erase, this bottle – a Huon pine wombat picked up from the Salamanca street markets before the walls came up. . .

Ever rewarding and ever wonderful Domaine De L’Arlot. . . Deep and freshly scented; to open – something pure, lush and beautiful. At first stem and curry leaf, later earth and roots and eventually black cardamon. Correctly weighted and warm. Fine but firm tannins – an earthy and expansive tail.

“The 2016 Cara Nord Red…is a great value, a characterful red.”- WA

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Cara Nord, Conca de Barbera Red 2016
91 points – Wine Advocate
“The 2016 Cara Nord Red is a blend of 42% Garnacha and 38% Syrah complemented by some 20% obscure Garrut grapes, an ancestral variety that is being recovered now. The vines were planted in 2000 at 700 to 800 meters altitude in the village of Vimbodí-Poblet within the Conca de Barberà appellation. The Garrut and Syrah are on slate soils, and the Garnacha is on clay and limestone ones. It fermented in stainless steel with natural yeasts and matured in oak barrels for six months followed by a further five months in underground concrete vats. 2016 was a cool, slow-ripening vintage. This seems to have changed the wine’s aromatic profile (maybe a different blend and also a cooler year), with strong aromas of black peppercorns and dried flowers, very flowery and ash, in a volcanic-ish style. The palate …

Ending the Aesthetic Fallacy of Heavy Bottles

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Wine producers the world over invest in unusually thick, heavy wine bottles for the sake of impressive brand aesthetics. But thanks to their weight, these bottles (and their transportation around the world) represent the single largest portion of the wine industry’s carbon footprint and contribution to global warming.

It’s time for us to tear down the aesthetic fallacy of the heavy wine bottle. It won’t be easy, but it is most surely possible, because we’ve done this sort of thing before.

Once upon a time here in the United States, pretty much everyone chose the vehicles we drove merely by the intersection of what we could afford and our sense of self image. In a pre-9/11 world, the logical extension of this principle gave rise to big, expensive cars with bad gas mileage that were followed by bigger more expensive cars with even lousier gas mileage that were eventually all …


Open That Bottle of Virginia (or Local) Wine Night

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Frank Morgan at DrinkWhatYouLike has been working overtime supporting the Virginia wine industry during the CV pandemic – primarily using his VAWineChat platform for nightly webinars featuring Virginia winemakers. Last week he suggested an Open That Bottle of Virginia Wine Night for Saturday, March 28th where consumers share on social media (using #vawinenight) a specific Virginia wine and why they selected it. A great idea borrowed from Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher’s Open That Bottle Night (OTBN). And on a separate thread, Lenn Thompson and Gina Shea of The Cork Report were organizing a Drink Local Night stressing east coast and midwestern wineries — the same concept just using the #openlocalwine hashtag.

Please participate in these campaigns, and in addition, raise a glass to toast Juanita Swedenburg, one of driving forces behind the 2005 Granholm v. Heald Supreme Court decision forcing states to allow shipping from out-of-state …

A Willing Suspension of Disbelief: 2016 Barolo Is Here – New Small Producer with 2 Psychotic, Affordable Baroli

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2016 Barolo
 – One of the Top Vintages of the Past Decade
 – Amidst the Chaos, A Remarkable Buying Opportunity
 – Maybe As Good As 2010

“The result is a vintage full of truly spectacular, breathtaking wines that captures all the pedigree that Nebbiolo and Barolo are capable of.” – Antonio Galloni on 2016 Barolo

2016 Olivero Mario Barolo “Bricco Ambrogio”
– Only 115 Cases Made
– Nose: Stunningly Aromatic.
– Crazy, Crazy Florals.
– Sweet Pipe Tobacco
– Fresh Cut Flowers and Fresh Berries
– Palate: OMG Juicy
– Dense, Balanced, Delicios CHerry Fruit
– Wonderful Richness
– Remarkable Finesse, Harmony and Detail

2016 Olivero Mario Barolo “Vigna Unite”
– Grapes from La Morra and Serralunga
– A Stunningly, Powerful, Sense and Ageworthy Barolo
– Palate: Even More Fruit and Density
– Nose: Huge, Awesome Spice
– Sick, Sick Florals
– Detailed Fresh Flowers
– Intermingled Dried Petals

When Van Gogh Wants to Sell Some Paintings, You Don’t Turn Him Away: New Mosel Producer Making Some of the Most Precise Rieslings in Germany

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Markus Heeb 
 – New, Micro Production Winemaker
 – Protege of Daniel Vollenweider
 – The Remarkable Precision You Can Only Get with Terrific Attention, Skill and Small Quantities
 – I Have Enough Riesling Producers, But These Are So Great, I Had No Choice but to Sell Them
 – He Leases .14 Hectares in The Great Wolfer Goldgrube 
 – Only A Few Hundred Bottles Each Year
 – Well Known Musician By Day/Winemaker by Night
 – No One Would Ever Bring This In Besides Fass Selections

 – 2018 Markus Heeb Wolfer Goldgrube Riesling Trocken
 – Crystalline, Super Fine Mineral Structure
 – To Die for
 – Nose: Confectionary Slate, Meyer Lemon, Grapefruit
 – Palate: Rich and Ripe but So Refined, Delicate and Mineral
 – Crystalline and Persistent
 – 2018 is 91 Points Mosel Fine Wines

One of the advantages I have at Fass Selections is that I can get in on the ground floor …