Vinos de Madrid Open Tasting in Washington DC

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Vinos de Madrid seminar at Barcelona Wine Bar in Washington DC

Earlier this week we had an invitation to attend a seminar tasting with wines from the Vinos de Madrid DO. The seminar was followed by a walk-around tasting. The venue was held at the Barcelona Wine Bar on 14th Street NW in Washington DC. We have attended several wine tasting at this restaurant all featuring Spanish wines. The restaurant does a wonderful job with tapas served during the walk-around tasting.

One of the purposes of the tastings and seminar was to introduce wine enthusiasts, distributors, importers and writers to Vinos de Madrid, an often undiscovered wine region in Spain. Many of the producers in this area are crafting premium wines at very reasonable prices. Gretchen Thomas, Vice President of Beverage at Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group that owns Barcelona Wine Bar, conducted the seminar and tasting. 

Gretchen became interested …

2 Legit 2 Quit (The Revitalization of Château Pédesclaux)

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Château Pédesclaux lineup

Ah, good old, dependable Château Pédesclaux.

Well, for those in the know when it comes to Bordeaux, this Pauillac producer was dependable for decades… in that one could usually depend on it to under-perform.

Established back in 1810 by the wine broker who gave it its name (Pierre Urbain Pédesclaux), Pédesclaux rose to prominence rather quickly by Bordeaux standards, being classified as Fifth Growth in 1855. The 20th Century saw successions of ownership and neglect; at one point in the 1950s, the estate was tagged for demolition.

In 2009, Pédesclaux was picked up by Françoise and Jacky Lorenzetti (owners of Chateau Lilian Ladouys), who, according to current manager Vincent Bache-Gabrielsen (with whom, through the miracles of modern technology, I had a nice remote online chat) set about to “legitimize” the estate. This started with the vineyards, which were replanted, reworked, expanded, and eventually given a treatment so detailed that …

kick ass

The Mold Has Been Broken: The Liquid Magic of the New Radical of Barbaresco Danilo Quazzolo: Micro Amounts Of Barbaresco Riserva 2015 and Barbera

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Danilo Quazzolo
 – If I Could Make Wine and Had Land In Barbaresco, I’d Make Wines Like This
 – Old Vines
 – Psychotic Density
 – Stunning Fruit Yet Incredible Balance
 – Incredible Acidity
 – The Mad Genius of An Artist Winemaker
 – There Is Nothing Like These Wines in the Langhe.  Nothing.
 – A Teeny 2 Hectares of Pure Mad Genius

2016 Quazzolo Barbera d’Alba
 – Some of the Most Super Intense Fresh Fruit of Any Wine I’ve Ever Had
 – The Last 60 Bottles
 –  One of the Best Barberas I’ve Ever Had from Anyone, Ever

2015 Quazzolo Barbaresco Riserva
 – Unlike Any Wine I’ve Had from Piedmont
 – The Density and Complexity of 80+ Year Old Vines
 – The Added Density from Hand Selection
 – High Acid from the Vineyards
 – The Density of Grand Cru Burgundy – I’m Not Kidding
 – Should Cost $100+ – It …

Missouri Wine: Reviving American Heritage Grapes at Vox Vineyards

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Albania, America, Brilliant, Carman, Cloeta, Delicatessen, Favorite, Lenoir, Lomanto, Marguerite, Muench, Wetumka

These are winegrapes that were once grown in Missouri and middle America prior to Prohibition. They are just a handful among the many grapes developed in the rigorous breeding programs of viticulture pioneers Thomas Volney Munson, Hermann Jaeger, George Husmann, and Isador Bush. Each of these gentlemen received commendations from the French for rescuing that wine industry as mentioned in The Basics and between them developed hundreds of new wine grapes and rootstocks. The Show Me State is a prime grape breeding region as several diverse climates merge (eastern woodlands, western plains, Ozark Highlands, and the Mississippi Delta). Across the globe, there are about 79 different species of grapes in the genus Vitis (grapevines); but 27 of those are native to middle America. Thus Missouri has historically hosted many of these species: labrusca, aestivalis, riparia, rupestris, cordifolia, among …

Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 6/9/18

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Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

A French Wine With a 900-Year-Old Vintage
Wait, millenniums is the plural?!?

We Drink Basically The Same Wine As Ancient Romans — And That’s Not So Great
NPR’s take on the story.

A Medieval Grape Is Still Used to Make Wine
And the Atlantic’s.

Uncovering the Magic of Old Vines
Older vines are the shizzle.

After Losing $1 Billion, a Russian Exile Rebounds With Bond’s Favorite Bubbly
And a helluva shop.

The Inexorable Rise of Wine Prices
Creeping on up.

The Prince of Liechtenstein’s Vineyard and Wine Cellar
I’d go see that.

Wine Industry Anxiously Awaits Supreme Court Decision
Something I care …

If You Love Cru Beaujolais, You Must Try These Mountain Gamay from Savoie

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Mountain Gamay
 – So Different from Cru Beaujolais
 – A Serious Alpine Vibe  
 – Much More Floral and Mineral

Luc Bauer
 – Small Winery (3HA)
 – He Really Works the Vineyards
 – Terrific Terroir (Hillside Vineyards, Great Sun)
 – Biodynamic, Natural Style
 – The Precise Technique and Consistency of a Trained Engineer

2018 Le Grangeons d’Albarine (Luc Bauer) “REDACTED” IGP
 – Super Spicey Red Cherry Fruit
 – Incredible Purity and Energy
 – Great Spice, Amazingly Deep Fruit

2018 Le Grangeons d’Albarine (Luc Bauer) Gamay Beauregard
 – More Mineral Focused and Structured
 – Super Intense Sap
 – So Sappy and So Dense 
 – Sappy Pure Best of Season Cherry Fruit

I love Cru Beaujolais.  Some would argue that it’s the original wine geek wine.  Delicious and balanced in the right hands, it used to be really affordable to for the underpaid and underappreciated

wine lovers manning the floors at …