Rendezvous – The Boston Organic Wine Scene

When Scott Holliday visited Chateau Tour Grise in the Loire Valley just before harvest time two years ago, it had been raining for weeks, leaving the grapes to soak up water. Everyone feared a catastrophe — “You could see it on everyone’s face – just weary from the battle.” But instead of a wasted season […]

Praising the benefits of wine corrections in the 19th century

Early lab tools I read recently an captivating essay by Kevin Goldberg on Lars Carlberg’s Mosel Wine website, it was on a little-known aspect of the struggle between partisans of non-interventionist winemaking (call it natural) and additives-enhanced w…

3 Reasons To Get Excited About This Year’s DIRECT Conference

We look forward to the DIRECT Conference each year, however, this year’s conference promises to be the most exciting yet! Here are some reasons we are excited. 1. Our amazing keynote speaker, Zingerman’s Co-Owner & Founding Partner, Ari Weinzweig What can a deli in Ann Arbor, Michigan teach the world about building a business that [...]