Porter and Stout Impress at Jailbreak Brewing Company

Since it's inception two years ago, Maryland's Jailbreak Brewing Company has quickly become a popular local option for craft beer. Their everyday canned lineup of Feed the Monkey Orange Hefeweizen, Welcome to Scoville Jalapeno IPA, and the Big Punisher Double IPA are distributed widely in the DC and Baltimore regions.  And at their spacious tasting room they offer many special releases and cask specials. With a flight scheduled out of BWI we stopped for a short visit where I had the Desserted Chocolate Coconut Porter and the Dark American Stout with Peanuts and Chocolate on cask. These two beers raised my appreciation for the brewery as the porter is on par with or even better than the Oskar Blues Brewery Death By Coconut. The stout on cask took a couple sips to get past the absence of carbonation, but that absence allowed the beer's peanuts and chocolate to dominate ...

Long Chim #2

It's been almost a week, but I'm still thinking about the spice and warmth of the food. The ubiquitous red duck curry is one of the milder dishes, what sets it apart is the depth and complexity of the sauce.  Lush and fulfilling, the sauce and not the duck is the star. . .

Vinography Images: Mustard Season

vinography_desktop_mustard_season.jpg Mustard Season
HEALDSBURG, CA: A honey bee collects pollen from wild vineyard mustard in Healdsburg, California. With the solid winter rains and warming temperatures, mustard flowers are bursting forth all over California wine country. INSTRUCTIONS:
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Vinography regularly features images ...

Are Old Vine Wines Worth the Money?

old vine wines

Old Vines in a Vineyard

Wines can get better with age. Do vineyards? The term “old vine” is one of the last unregulated terms that you’re likely to see on a wine label. Though I’ve never found an example of blatant misuse — no one is slapping “old vine” on a vineyard they planted last Tuesday — “old” is nevertheless relative. A label that says “old vine” could equally refer to 30-year-old vines (especially in a younger wine region) or to 150-year-old vines. So how old is old? Justice Potter Stewart’s famous axiom holds up here. “I know it when I see it,” laughs Mike Officer, owner of the 89-year-old Carlisle Vineyard in the Russian River Valley and a co-founder of the Historic Vineyard Society, which keeps a registry of old vineyards. He’s right. Vines of a certain age look almost like a different plant species — not only because ...

Is This the World’s First Illegal Rosé?

rose wineA French winery is fined for illegal rosé winemaking.  France’s Vinovalie co-operative has been fined for illegally blending red and white wines and bottling the result as rosé. The tribunal in Albi, southern France, last week fined Vinovalie €10,000 for illegal rosé production, with a further €1,000 in damages. Three employees in managerial roles were separately fined between €1,000 and €5,000 for their role in the affair. Vinovalie, based in four spots across southwest France and which comprises four co-operatives and 470 winemakers across 3,800 hectares of vines in the Tarn, Lot and Haut-Garonne regions, will be appealing the decision, according to its lawyer Emmanuel Gil. Its case resurrects a debate about how still rosé wine should and shouldn’t be made in the European Union. The Albi tribunal said the falsified rosé wine dates back to 2012 and that Vinovalie did not record the manipulation in their official documents.

Read ...

Wine of the Day, No. 107

François Montand, a native of France’s Champagne region, left his home in the 1940s, during the devastation of World War II, and traveled dangerous routes to the Jura mountains, in eastern France, hard by the Swiss Alps. There he settled and planted cuttings that he had brought from Champagne. Today, the estate produces a line of sparkling wines, made, appropriately, in the Champagne or traditional method as it is called now outside Champagne. The wine under consideration today, the François Montand Brut Rose, nv, however, does not carry a Jura designation because it is produced from grapes not typical to the region — grenache and cinsault — and because some of the grapes derive from vineyards outside the Jura. No matter! This is a delightful and slightly unusual sparkling wine that would bring a little zip and allure to any occasion, whether the upcoming Valentine’s ritual or anything else. The ...

Friday Feature Photo: The Secret Waterways of Galicia

Neda, Galicia, Spain PhotographerJosé Antonio Cartelle Capture Date: April 2, 2014 Location: Neda, Galicia, Spain About: Galicia is known as the land of the thousand rivers, many of which flow down from the mountain ranges of Os Ancares, O Courel and Pena Trevinca. As for the River Miño, it crosses Galicia from the northeast to the southwest placidly flowing down to the Portuguese border. If you’re keen to soak up some nature, check out Fragas do Eume – a wonderful natural park famed for its valuable fauna and Atlantic forest, the Baixa Limia-Serra do Xurés Nature Park in the province of Ourense, the spectacular Dunes of Corrubedo Natural Park in the province of A Coruna, and Serra de Encina de Lastra with its limestone peaks, spectacular palas (caves) and deep green valleys inhabited by birds of prey. Word to wise: be sure to try some Albariño while there! Desktop Wallpaper: To download ...

You’re Welcome (Hangover Prevention At Fix.com)

Fix.com hangovers

image: fix.com

You’re welcome. No, seriously, you’re going to thank me later. Because my latest for Fix.com, titled How to Avoid a Hangover, is now live, and reading it just might save you some future pain. What I found most fascinating in researching our collective attempts at trying to both prevent and stem the effects of hangovers is that, despite some heroic scientific efforts, we have moved the bar very little distance on the matter over the last one hundred years or so. That apparent lack of progress isn’t attributable to poor science so much as it is the work of evil spirits bent on causing us pain and suffering. Er, actually, it’s a reflection of the complex chemical processes involved when our bodies imbibe (and imbibe, and imbibe, and imbibe…) and process alcohol. If, as Socrates supposedly said, true knowledge exists in knowing that you know ...

Sin City Brewing Co. Delivers With Three Las Vegas Locations on the Strip

Most casinos on the strip offer a range of craft beer - mostly California brewed and heavy on Firestone Walker Brewing Company, Green Flash Brewing Company, and Ballast Point Brewing Company.  All great options, but if you are looking for a local brew as well as a beer distributed exclusively in Las Vegas then Sin City Brewing Co. is an easy choice. The brewery was "launched by long-time Gordon Biersch Director of Brewing Operations Richard Johnson" and provides three microbrew bars on the strip: Sin City Brewing Co. - Harmon Corner, Sin City Brewing Co. - Planet Hollywood, and Sin City Brewing Co. - The Venetian.

The brewery produces five everyday beers and I was able to try a couple at the Venetian location. The Weisse is Nice (Hefeweizen) is a bready, citrusy beer with a bit of spice and the Never Pass Up A ...

Torres Mas La Plana Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

Bit of a crime to broach this now, but hey… Torres Mas La Plana Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, Penedès, Spain (£40 Waitrose, Hailsham Cellars, Santé Wine, The Oxford Wine Co, Dennhofer Wines, Dylans Wine Merchants, Noel Young, Slurp.co.uk, Soho Wine Supply, Martinez Wines, Tanners, Clifton Cellars, Handford Wines, Amazon, Vintagemarque.com, Corking Wines) Starts off dumb, then […]

Wine Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Chocolate Fondue Recipe

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Fondue Recipe

For Valentine’s Day if you really don’t fancy spending time in the kitchen creating a creative meal with wine, you may rather just visit a winery with special events. Check out the wineries with events this weekend. Take your special person and enjoy the experience. Cheers!

Thursday, February 11

Grand River Cellars, Madison, OH
Event: Valentine’s Day Dinner
Event: Brushes & Lushes on Canvas 

Website Information

Friday, February 12

Duplin Winery, Rose Hill, NC
Event: Valentine’s Day Dinner
Website Information 

Grand River Cellars, Madison, OH
Event: Valentine’s Day Dinner
Website Information

Texas Legato, TX
Event: Wine Down Happy Hour
Website Information

Youngberg Hill, OR
Event: Pre-Valentine Wine Dinner
Website Information

Saturday, February 13

Duplin Winery, Rose Hill, NC
Event: Valentine’s Day Dinner
Website Information 

Grand River Cellars, Madison, OH
Event: Valentine’s Day Dinner
Website Information

Chateau Chantal, Traverse City, MI
Event: Valentine’s Wine Dinner

Phil And Arden Coturri: An Organic Love Story

6B053B21_5F7F_42B9_8BD4_BBB3BE0C0319 Over at The Sixteen 600 Blog, Sam Coturri writes about how his parents found love in the vineyard:
In a twist of fate worthy of a great novelist, Arden, a young transplant from New Jersey, had just moved to the top of Moon Mountain and was looking for work. She heard that some guy named Phil Coturri was running a harvest crew, so she showed up at Val’s property to work the pick. That afternoon, Val sent Phil and Arden to a remote section of the vineyard, where the oldest vines were. The pair only filled two boxes of grapes all afternoon, but Val clearly knew something before anyone else did.

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Hungry City: At Kichin in Brooklyn, Korean Fried Chicken and Mighty Rice Balls

The chef Bryan Moon opened the mostly Korean takeout shop under the Marcy Avenue subway stop in November with his older brother Mike.