How Many Grapes Do You Need to Make Wine?

How Many Grapes to Make Wine?

How Many Grapes To Make Wine
If you decided to enter in the magical world of winemaking, you will soon realize that there is always some new information to add to your knowledge, some new technique to learn or something to improve in the way you’re making your wine. To become an expert in this field, you must stay in close contact with the news of this ever-expanding industry. And while some might consider wine and winemaking just a subject of pleasant conversation, others consider winemaking a true passion that is fueled by the acquisition of information, knowledge, and experience. Nevertheless, when you decide to become a winemaker, you will find yourself standing in the middle of a maze of questions about winemaking techniques. One of the most frequent questions is: how many grapes to make wine? Let’s discover the importance of quantities, doses and numbers.

How Many Grapes to ...

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Visiting More Loudoun County Breweries #VABreweryChallenge

Loudoun County is the largest and fastest growing craft beer region in the Commonwealth and this past weekend I used theCompass Winery, Brewery, Distillery Locator Mobile App to visit four. Dog Money Restaurant & Brewery (#42) opened recently in the old Vintage 50 location by brewer Dean Lake and Tim Regan. The existing 10 barrel system is used to brew a rotating lineup of 6 lagers\ales with the Loudoun Common Golden Lager spot on. The molasses fused Mo’ Porter was also quite nice with the remaining - Dog Money Red Ale, Hostile Extraction IPA, Belgian-style Tripel, and Dog Money Hefeweizen - all up to style.

Black Walnut Brewery (#43) is also located in downtown Leesburg and opened at the same time as Dog Money. owner Patrick Wilt is\was a passionate home brewer and converted a former salon to a cozy brewery.  The patio is a great spot ...

Malbec + Tannat = Troon

Dick Troon planted vines in southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley in 1972, making him a pioneer in the state by any standards. He sold the winery and vineyards to his friend and fishing buddy Larry Martin in 2003, and Martin took the opportunity to start almost from scratch, reshaping the landscape and building a new facility. The philosophy at Troon Vineyard is as hands-off as possible, and includes the use of indigenous yeast, foot-treading and minimal contact with new oak. In fact, the three wines under consideration today — a malbec, a tannat and a blend of the two — each age 18 months in mature or neutral French oak, only two percent new barrels. Another recent change brings on Craig Camp as general manager. Many consumers and wine professionals will remember Camp for the turn-around he orchestrated for Cornerstone Cellars in Napa Valley, bringing that primarily cabernet sauvignon producer into ...
troon malbec
troon reserve mt

How to Use a Racking Cane in Winemaking

How to Use a Racking Cane in Winemaking

How To Use A Racking Wine
Racking is an essential part of the winemaking process, a step that must be performed various times in order to eliminate all sediment from the beverage. Basically, racking means siphoning the wine from one container to another. This process can be performed with the help of a food grade hose, but the operation is rather tricky since the hose will have the tendency to move and absorb the sediment at the end of the siphoning. For this reason, many winemakers prefer to use a racking cane during this process. In this article, we’re going to tell you how to use a racking cane in winemaking.

What Is a Racking Cane?

Racking Cane
A racking cane also called a racking wand or a racking tube, is a rigid device of about 2 feet long. The device can be made of glass, plastic or stainless ...

89 Years Of Kicking Ass (1927 D’Oliveiras Bastardo Madeira)

I was heartened by all of the positive reaction to a recent Book of Face post regarding the combination of two aging souls who are still kicking all kinds of ass. The first is my cousin Kathleen, who turned 89 years old this past Saturday. The second was a certain rare-ish Madeira wine that happens to share Kathleen’s birth year, and so became one of the (very) few wines that I actually purchased with my own hard-earned cash when I toured the Portuguese island earlier this year.
Kathleen 1927 Madeira

Both kick ass, but I’d give the edge to the one on the right.

Since posting the above photo of the two of them together at Kathleen’s birthday party, I’ve been contacted by, well, several of you about spilling the beans on how this wine tasted. And so I shall, but not before I give a shout-out to the coolest relative I’ve ...
D'Oliveiras Madeira
Madeira vineyards
1927 D'Oliveiras Bastardo Reserva Madeira Seal

Duke’s Magpie Hill Reserve Riesling 2016

A tall skinny bottle, not good for cellaring in a wine fridge. . . 12.5%; whole bunches, though it's hard to tell. It seems straight and narrow and entirely conventional, pure and driven. Lime and powder, salt on the tongue, some unresolved green phenolic crunch to conclude. ? 90-91

A Guide on How to Sweeten Wine

A Guide on How to Sweeten Wine

How To Sweeten Wine
The most popular wines are probably the sweet ones. In the past, they were reserved for the nobles and kings because of their ability to preserve the spirit of the fruit, expressed in its sweetness and in its fascinating aromas. But making sweet wine requires more effort and dedication. Because it is rather difficult to achieve an impressive result during the fermentation, one of the most common questions among the winemakers is how to sweeten wine.

Differences between Dry Wine and Sweet Wine

Best Dry White Wines for Cooking
best dessert wine
The main difference between dry wine and sweet wine is the amount of sugar that is dissolved into the wine but not transformed into alcohol during the fermentation. This sugar is called “residual sugar”. The amount of residual sugar will determine the sweetness of the wine. In dry wines the quantity of residual sugar is minimal, and you will not ...