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The serpentine river, a muddy, twisting, restless thing that pushed out into the bay with its own sort of languid apathy. This was a river simply to be crossed. It offered no poetry. It was illegible and dangerous. From its source in the mountains, its path to the coast was gently wriggly at the beginning, but by the time it approached the city it took wild perambulations, before it straightened out and relaxed close to its mouth. Matthew Condon.

to mark a brief hiatus while I walk the streets of Brisbane, though there are a few pre programmed posts to follow. . .

Governor Brisbane decided to plant another penal station on the mainland, so remote that its prisoners would give up all hope of escape. It would be in the Deep North, as Australians call Queensland, where the sun's heat would bake and baste the sin out of them. In 1823 Brisbane sent an exploring party under his surveyor-general, John Oxley, to look at Morton Bay, a big coastal inlet noted by Cook fifty years before. It was 450 miles North of Sydney, far enough to discourage any bolter. If it had a river, it might be settled. Robert Hughes.

Image: the 'mountain' is 287m above sea level; my forty something brain still needs pencil and paper to learn. ....

Vinography Images: The Chaos of Crush

vinography_desktop_chaos_crush.jpg The Chaos of Crush
A load of grapes enters a crusher destemmer in the midst of harvest in Sonoma County. INSTRUCTIONS:
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Winecast 77 – Champagne

Champagne flutesMy first true Winecast in 5 years to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this podcast and wine blog. And there is no better theme than the celebrated, often imitated, but never duplicated sparkling wine region where the modern wine industry was born: Champagne. Direct mp3 Download Feedback:
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The Soul Shaker is Back! A Jewel of Traditional Côte-Rotie; Always A Lyle Favorite; Amazing Vintage

Many of you have dug into your stashes of 2010 Henri Gallet Côte-Rotie and are very happy to find an utterly classic Côte-Rotie that is about as traditional as it gets. Like Billard-Gonnet in Pommard Today I am thrilled to offer a wonderful counterpart to the 2010, the 2012 Henri Gallet Côte-Rotie for $49.99 on the 4-pack and a special 12 bottle case price of $45.99. An absolute aromatic tour de force with intense, but elegant, Syrah flavors on the palate.
these are uncompromising wines that show why these blonde and brunette hills in Ampuis are so sacred to wine lovers across the world.

This is firmly in the Fass 4-1-3 plan. Buy 4,  drink one and cellar 3. My original email was so good for the 2010 that below is most of it with a description of the 2012.

There are wines that you love because they are are obviously perfect ... and then there are wines that  you drink because they have something great and something unique that you can't quite put your finger on, but when you open a bottle, you drink it all and no matter what else is going on, it is a memorable evening. I have been drinking Henri Gallet's beautiful Cote-Rotie's since 1998. They are affordable and elegant, finesse-driven wines that show the pretty side of Cote-Rotie and made in a pedal to the medal traditional way.  Every serious Rhone drinker I know loves Gallet yet he has no American importer and the wines are very hard to get. They are aromatic rockstars like only Cotie-Rotie from the southern sector (where the wines are more finesse-driven) can be. So sappy and pure on the palate with all the blood, guts and animal/sauvage you can get from Cote-Rotie. These wines demand age. They can be drunk young with a heavy decant but aging is key for Gallet.

I have been drinking Henri Gallet's beautiful Cote-Rotie's since 1998. They are affordable and elegant, finesse-driven wines that show the pretty side of Cote-Rotie and made in a pedal to the medal traditional way....

Friday Feature Photo: Picos de Europa, Spain

picos de europa Photographer: Slawek Staszczuk Capture Date:  October 2012 Location: Posada De Valdeon, Castille y Leon, Spain About: The morning after the challenging climb from Cordiñanes to Collado Jermoso. Definitely better viewed in the lightbox (“L”). Panorama stitched from 5 horizontal frames at 37mm with some hard-edged ND grad (probably 0.6). Desktop Wallpaper: To download this image, simply right-click on the image and select “save link as” or “save target as”, then select the preferred location on your computer to save the photo. Purchase: Please contact the photographer directly if you’re keen to purchase their photo.

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RAW — The Artisan Wine Fair 2015 — London, May 18 & 19

RAW-London---N1-2015.164400 London’s largest artisan wine fair is returning to the Old Truman Brewery (Spitalfields) on 17 & 18 May 2015. All wines showcased are organic or biodynamic with low intervention in the cellar, and many are totally natural – pure fermented grape juice. Be sure to save the date so you can pop along and sample tasty wonders alongside a delicious range of other artisan food and drinks. Ticket sales and trade registrations will open at the end of January 2015.