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vinography_desktop_up_in_flames.jpg UP IN FLAMES
HEALDSBURG, CA: Vineyard workers burn a pile of diseased and dead grapevines near Healdsburg, California. Replanting is a near constant activity in Northern California wine country. INSTRUCTIONS:
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5 Reasons You Need a Wine Aerator

5 Reasons You Need a Wine Aerator

I used to be a skeptic when it came to wine aeration, but am now a believer in the benefits after having conducted my own blind tasting. Keep reading to see the results of the tasting, but let's start with the 5 main reasons why you should get yourself one.

1. It just makes your wine taste so much better. The oxidation that occurs as the wine passes through the aerator helps soften flavors and releases aromas in the wine, thereby bringing it to its full potential.

2. It’s a much faster and efficient way of letting your wines breathe. Instead of pouring your bottle into a decanter and letting it sit, you can enjoy wine from an aerator immediately. The best part is that it will often have the same positive impact on the flavor of wine as letting it breathe for ...

wine tasting

Cookbooks: Maureen Abood’s ‘Rose Water & Orange Blossoms’ Takes You to Lebanon

In her new cookbook, Ms. Abood delves deeply and delectably into the cuisine of her family history.

#VABreweryChallenge: Vienna’s Caboose Brewing Company’s (#16) Grand Opening

One difficulty in completing the #VABreweryChallenge is that new breweries continue to open in the Commonwealth. The latest is Vienna's Caboose Brewing Company, which hosted their ribbon cutting ceremony last night. The brewery is located at Mile Marker 12 on the W&OD Bike Trail, just past the red caboose while heading west.  Matt and Jeanine Greer and Tim and Jennifer McLaughlin have been planning for over a year to get the proper permits, licensing, equipment for this hybrid gastro-pub and brewery. The kitchen will follow the "Farm to Table" model sourcing ingredients from local farms and artisans. The establishment will also highlight these local resources and the current menu included rabbit pot pie, grass fed beef cheeseburgers, Maryland crab soup, and Virginia bratwurst.

The brewery utilizes a 15-barrel system with former Heavy Seas brewery Chris Mallon in charge of production. The beer menu encompasses a variety of ...

Two Wine Marathons in the Next Two Weeks

If you are a runner, wine drinker and world traveler the next two weeks should be pretty exciting for you. This Sunday, May 24th is the annual Marathon de Sauternes. The marathon starts at Chateau Guiraud and winds its way through some of the most well-known estates in the Sauternes region. This is the 5th year the marathon has been held in Sauternes and, honestly I can't think of a better wine to go with a 26.2 mile run. A little closer to home for many of this blog's readers is the Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon. Operated by Destination Races, this marathon is expected to draw almost 3000 runners. It kicks off at the beautiful Doukenie Winery and meanders through the hills of Western Loudoun stopping at Hiddencroft Vineyards for wine and water. The half-marathon is next Saturday, May 30th, and unlike in previous years there are still ...

Close at Hand: Bedtime Math’s Founder Uses an Eggbeater for More Than Just Eggs

Laura Overdeck turns an eggbeater into a teachable moment.

The Fate of the Four Seasons Hangs in the Balance

The building owner wants the restaurant out when the lease expires next year, so the two men who own and run it are closing in on a space downtown.

A Certain Force, Intensity, Purity And Vitality. Roulot, Schafer Frohlich, They All Have It. So Does Florent Garaudet. Buy Or Regret.

To help prepare for this E-Mail, I opened a bottle of Florent's 2012 Meursault, intending to drink a
glass or two to get a sense of how the wine was developing.  The wine was pure magic.  Pure fruit with acidity that danced on the palate with it and kept up. After 10 seconds, the secondary flavors came to the fore and migrated to a stunning finish.  I could not stop drinking it.

I've drunk a lot of new growers and introduced a lot of them to American retail.  I've learned to tell what young greatness in a winemaker tastes like.  The wines are just way more intense, better and complex than other wines in the same category.  Florent Garaudet just has IT.  I wish that I could do a better job of explaining it but I can't.

I know why the wines are great.  Florent just lives his entire life ...

Wines of Uruguay Offers Tannat Tasting Tour

Wine Trail Traveler with Erin Sullivan at Wines of Uruguay tasting, Washington, DC

Wine Trail Traveler with Erin Sullivan at Wines of Uruguay tasting, Washington, DC

If you haven’t heard yet of Uruguay as a wine producing country, plan to learn about the wines they are crafting soon! Uruguay is an undiscovered South American wine region. Today many of the winemakers are 4th generation family. Yesterday we attended a tasting of wines from Uruguay. Tannat wines were featured but there were also a number of blends as well as a few white wines. Eighteen wine producers from Uruguay were present. If you want to know more about the wines from Uruguay, plan to attend the next Wines of Uruguay event in New York on May 27 at the South American Wine Conference, “City Winery”, 155 Varick St. This special event is for media and trade members. The country of Uruguay has been producing wines for a long time but most of it has been kept ...

Hamburglar and Colonel Sanders Are Back to Sell Fast Food