BK Wines ‘One Ball’ Chardonnay 2014

Vignobles Bulliat 2014 “Cuvee du Colombier” Morgon

Vignobles Bulliat 2014 “Cuvee du Colombier” Morgon

Vignobles Bulliat 2014 “Cuvee du Colombier” Morgon

The Beaujolais wine region is located at the bottom of Burgundy; and Morgon is smack in the middle of the best winemaking villages in Beaujolais. It’s should come as no surprise that the adjective most used with these wines is “Burgundian”. This bottle offers up plenty of Burgundian qualities. Notes of  burnt sage and earth open into flavors of fresh berry, exotic white fruit, and  crushed wild flowers. The acid and tannic structure make this an exceptional food wine. The post Vignobles Bulliat 2014 “Cuvee du Colombier” Morgon appeared first on Wine School of Philadelphia.

Young Andi Schneider’s Best Riesling – A Stunning Effort (I Love this Wine) Plus the Only German Sauvignon Blanc I Sell

Müllen, Battenfeld-Spanier, Laible and Weltner are the big boys in our German portfolio.  They have
been around for a while, have made great wine and deserve their reputations.  But I also want to offer wines from wineries that are not yet as famous.  Partly because the wines taste different and I'm into the whole viva la difference thing (even in Germany) and partly because their relative lack of fame makes their wines ridiculous values given my direct from the winery model.
Andi Schneider of the great K.H. Schneider winery in Bad Sobernheim in the Nahe is one of my under the radar guys. He is not in the VDP and is overshadowed by the Frohlich/Donnhoff/Diel holy trinity in the Nahe. Both of those are situations that would lower one's vinous profile. But Andi has not let that stop him and keeps chugging along. Because I can sell these wines ...

The Pour: Just Beaujolais and Chenin Blanc (and That Could Be Enough)

With its emphasis on two regions, the Freek’s Mill wine list offers a chance to dive deep. But it’s a challenge for those unprepared to take the plunge.

Eat: The Best Sandwich Ever

A hero shop’s gigantic fried-eggplant sandwich, remade for the home.

Hungry City: Russian Dumplings, Like Grandma’s, at Two Village Spots

I’ll Drink to That: Author Ian D’Agata

Thumbnail image for levi_dalton_ill_drink_to_that.jpg Episode 354 of I'll Drink to That! was released recently. It features Ian D'Agata, the author of Native Wine Grapes of Italy, as well as the Scientific Director of the Vinitaly International Academy, and a contributor to Vinous Media and Decanter. When it comes to Barolo, many commentators have long focused on technique and style, placing Traditional against Modern in an epic battle of personalities, market share, and moral codes. There are few wine regions anywhere in the world where the technique and the process have been as discussed as with Barolo. Which is fine. But what that conversation neglects is terroir, which by the way is pretty much at the forefront of most conversations about most wine regions. And while people endlessly debate Traditional versus Modern, the sense of what each part of the place gives to a wine is lost. That is too bad, because the Barolo ...