Vinography Images: River of Light

vinography_desktop_river_of_light.jpg River of Light
POMEROL, FRANCE: The setting sun illuminates the lane in front of Chateau Pétrus in Pomerol, on Bordeaux's Right Bank, turning the street into a river of light. Pétrus became famous in the late 1800s after winning a gold medal at the Paris Universal Exhibition, beating out many more famous estates. One of the most expensive and sought-after wines in the world, Pétrus is widely regarded as the single best bottling of Merlot to be found, and remains the shining star of the Pomerol apellation, which has never been classified. Consequently it cannot truly be called a First Growth, though it clearly ranks among them in both price and quality. INSTRUCTIONS:
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The Italian White That Puts Italy on a Level with the Great Wines of France – These Are Sweeping Through Michelin Star Restaurants

Mario Mazzitelli, The Genius Winemaker Who Will Change Everything
 - One Salesman Has Them in 15 Michelin Starred Restaurants in Italy
 - ...Including Seta (**) Perhaps the Top Restaurant in Milan
 - Trained at 2 of the Top Wineries in Italy
 - I'm Way Ahead of the Curve Here But Lunarossa Is Becoming the Darling of the Top Sommeliers in Italy
 - The Pricing on These Wines Is The Lowest I've Seen for World Class Wines

2015 Lunarossa Quartara
 - Monstrous Density and Concentration
 - The Palate Impact of Hermitage or Corton Charlemagne
 - Terrific Minerality, Fassy Juiciness
 - So Much Going on, It's Almost Alive on the Palate
 - At a Minimum, This Is Remarkable Wine, It May Be Better  than That with Age
 - The Chance for the Rest of Us to Try World Class Wine for $32.99

2012 Lunarossa Borgomastro
 - The Complexity and Deliciousness of ...

12th Annual Maryland Wine Comptroller’s Cup Awards, Part 2

The day of the 12th Annual 12th Annual Maryland Wine Comptroller’s Cup Awards, dawned bright and clear. By 10:30am we were at Catoctin Breeze Vineyard, located outside of Frederick, Maryland where the sky was a bright blue with snow white, fluffy clouds. The awards ceremony, with Comptroller Franchot presenting the awards, was held on the patio of the recently added tasting room. It was impressive to see and hear the enthusiasm of the Comptroller, winemakers, winery owners and the media. After the awards ceremony, everyone gathered inside the tasting room to enjoy appetizers and taste the award winning Maryland wines. As Terry mentioned in yesterday’s blog, Catoctin Breeze Vineyard was awarded Best in Show for their delightful Cabernet Franc 2016. The Maryland wines I tasted included Great Shoals Winery Northern Spy cider. The cider was a yellow/light gold color. The aroma reminded one of the scent of fresh apples. ...

Spar’s new wines for 2018

A whistle-stop tour of some of Spar’s new wines for 2018 – more details about them HERE Villa Cerro Garganega Pinot Grigio 2017, Veneto, Italy (£6.50 Spar) Simple fresh glugger with hints of citrus fruit and apple, what I call ‘fair enough’ wine. C Wildflower Pinot Grigio 2017, Romania (£6.50 Spar) Compared with the above, […]

Wine News (72)

Great Cabernet Sauvignon My sister had brought me this bottle which she found in Lyon or a trip in the Rhone and we waited to open the bottle, it happened to be a very enjoyable wine. It's vinifies naturally on...

Sake of The Mountain Gods: Ishizuchi Shuzo, Ehime Prefecture

ishizuchi_also.jpg On the shoulder of Mount Ishizuchi in Ehime Prefecture, on the island of Shikoku, perches a Shinto shrine. As with countless such hermitages throughout the island nation, the Shinto priests daily perform their rituals of honor and respect for the kami, or spirits that have been worshipped for the more than 1400 years of Shinto's existence as a religion. The rituals of Shinto are as varied as they are mysterious, especially to non-Japanese, but among them you will find an act common to countless religions across the globe: the offering. And in Shinto, as with many others, one of the things offered in veneration is alcohol. The offering of sake to the kami of Mount Ishizuchi, as it does in many places in Japan, represents something of an apotheosis of both poetry and pragmatism. A returning to the source. The closing of an endless loop that has become a symbol ...

Calmel & Joseph Villa Blanche Terret Blanc 2017

Calmel & Joseph Villa Blanche Terret Blanc 2017, Pays d’Oc, France (£8.99 Waitrose) Reminiscent of a plump Picpoul, with plush Peach Melba flavours alongside sleeker aniseed and citrus notes, not hugely complex, but slips down alarmingly easily. B+

Wine of the Day, No. 404

Here’s a dashing and debonair red wine from Tuscany’s secluded southwestern Maremma region that lies athwart the Tyrrhenian Sea, where the sun is bright and the wind blows constantly. The name of the Rocca di Montemassi Le Focaie 2016 refers to the flint-like soil — “focaie” — that demands a great deal of the vines. Made from 100 percent sangiovese grapes and aged 12 months in French oak barrels of 350 liters — half again as large as the standard 225 liters — the wine offers a dark ruby hue that shades to medium ruby at the rim and enticing aromas of dried red cherries and blueberries, lapsang souchong tea and graphite, lavender and sandalwood, with undertones of orange rind and wet violets, all adding up to classic sangiovese. Not so much flinty as reminiscent of crushed gravel in structure but softened by mild dusty tannins and ripe, spicy black ...