6 Questions with Max Geitlinger

6 Questions used to be a regular feature that I used to adore reading in the Sunday NY Times Magazine.  Now I want to bring the format to Fass Selections by featuring our favorite wine producers and their candid responses to questions. I love this format as it extends beyond the traditional wine questions and shows am irreverent human side to all the people I work with and work
with us. I hope you enjoy this series and the latest installment is from our new young gun Pinot star from Baden, Max Geitlinger.

1- What was the last great wine you had that was not one of yours?

It was a Malbec-Cabernet Sauvignon cuveé from Weingut Umbricht, AOC Aargau, 2015
It was a pleasure and unbelievably smooth, complex and full bodied. Sadly it was only 50cl…

2- What was the last great meal you had?

That was last Sunday ...

Visit at Nicolas Renard (Loire)

Nicolas Renard with Alex Bernardo Amboise, Touraine (Loire) This was an impromptu visit at the cellar of Nicolas Renard, we didn't know if the elusive cult vigneron was there on a saturday but as Alex Bernardo was visiting me in...

Visiting Maryland this Summer? Visit a Winery

Chateau du Bu De Wineyard & Winery

Maryland is a delightful state with a wide range of landscapes that include the beautiful Atlantic seashore, the mountains and the tree-covered hills. Of course, Maryland also has its share of cities and towns. If your enjoy city or town life, visit Baltimore, Annapolis, Frederick, and remember that Washington, DC is just across the state line. Maryland has almost 1,000 acres of grapevines. They can be found from the far western part of Maryland to the Eastern Shore.

Catoctin Breeze vineyards

Maryland has nine wine trails:
  • Antietam Highlands Wine Trail (9 wineries)
  • Capital Wine Trail (5 wineries)
  • Carroll Wine Trail (2 wineries)
  • Chesapeake Wine Trail (13 wineries)
  • Cider Trail (3)
  • Frederick Wine Trail (8 wineries)
  • Legacy Wine Trail (4 wineries)
  • Mead Trail (4)
  • Patuxent Wine Trail (8 wineries)
  • Piedmont Wine Trail (8 wineries)

Black Ankle Vineyards

Maryland wines to discover include dry, sweet, ...

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