Independent English Wine Competition

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A 19-strong judging panel, featuring winemakers, masters of wine, communicators, retailers and educators met in Bristol to judge wines for the Independent English Wine Competition. Overall a total of 16 different grape varieties were submitted from all over the country. Three gold medals were awarded to wines hailing from West Sussex, Devon and North Essex. These were: • Sugrue Pierre, Trouble with Dreams 2013, West Sussex
Lyme Bay Winery, Bacchus Block 2015, Devon
• Tuffon Hall Bacchus 2015, Essex the full list of winners is available on the Independent English Wine Competition website.

“To be the only gold medal winning English sparkling wine at the inaugural IEWA is a fantastic accolade for Sugrue Pierre ‘The Trouble With Dreams’ 2013. This is the first vintage sourced from more than one vineyard: Storrington Priory in West Sussex and Mount Harry ...

Independent English Wine Awards

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