Domaine Leflaive Bourgogne 2010

Cork. 12.5%. Cellar.

A clammy but worthy White Bourgogne. Almond meal and freshly laundered woollens, peach and flint, a prickle of white pepper. . . like inhaling too close and deep from a white flower. . . RRR a reassuring riff of reduction. . .  More reason for hyperbole in the mouth; energy, line and beautiful tension; a convincing spice and lactone edge. Super. A+

Wine of the Day, No. 361

Yes, friends, I’m going to tell you to buy a case of white wine from Bulgaria for drinking this Spring and Summer. It’s the Domaine Boyar Traminer 2016, from that country’s Thracian Valley, commonly called the Thracian Lowlands. This is a large region in the south that abuts Greece and Turkey. Vine cultivation for wine in the area goes back 3,000 years, with a long interruption under the Ottoman Empire — 1393-1878 — when grapes went for table consumption. The modern and progressive period began in the 1960s and burgeoned with the fall of Communism. Now the traminer grape is not necessarily the same as gewürztraminer, though the names are frequently synonymous. Traminer, the older name and grape, tends to be less floral and spicy than gewürztraminer and is likely the same as the savagnin rosé grape grown in the Jura. In fact, gewürztraminer did not become the official ...

Food and Wine Books 2018

Food & Wine Books for 2018

A few of our favorite books for food & wine lovers.
Sous Vide Cookbook

The Complete Sous Vide Cookbookir?t=thewinschofph 20&l=am2&o=1&a=1977762808 - Vino Divino

Back in the Iron Age, I worked my way up into an executive chef position. I’m not talking prehistory (that would be a feat) but when all food was cooked using the raw power of hot iron grills under massive exhaust hoods. I left the kitchen back in the 90’s, just before a quiet revolution was about to begin. Actually, it had already started in the 1970’s in France, but it wasn’t until the first years of the 21st century that it started making its way into commercial North American kitchens. The technique, called sous vide cooking, remained virtually unknown outside of the professional chef community, despite how fundamentally it changed cooking.

This is a cookbook that should be on every home cook’s shelf. Chef Chris McDonald has a firm ...

Larousse Wine
Way of Whisky
Wine is Bottled Poetry
What a Swell Party it Was
Palate Passport
Pantry and Palate

I’ll Drink to That: Will Predhomme of Pearce Predhomme Wines

Thumbnail image for levi_dalton_ill_drink_to_that.jpg Episode 447 of I'll Drink to That! was released recently, and features Will Predhomme. Will is the President of Predhomme, Inc., a wine communications firm based in Toronto, Canada. He is also a partner in the Pearce Predhomme wine label, sourcing wine from Oregon and South Africa. Will Predhomme has served wine in restaurants in several different parts of Canada over a long career, and part of the what this discussion brings to the table is insight into the different wine markets within that country. How does Toronto differ from Calgary or Windsor when it comes to wine? Will shares the answers from his experience. He also recounts his transition into self-employment after that sommelier career. Many sommeliers start to ask "what next?" at some point in their careers, and this interview addresses that question head on, as well as the various challenges that are associated with leaving ...

Vinography Images: Most Noble Rot

vinography_desktop_the_noblest_rot.jpg Most Noble Rot
SAUTERNES, FRANCE: A worker carries a bunch of botrytized Semillon grapes in a traditional wooden basket during harvest at Château d'Yquem in Sauternes, an appellation within the Graves region of Bordeaux. In the famous 1855 Classification of Bordeaux, d'Yquem was the only winery in the Sauternes region to be accorded the status of Premiere Cru Supérieur. Its sweet dessert wines are among the most famous, and long lived, in the world. INSTRUCTIONS:
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This ...